Tuesday 4 December 2012

Blood Angels vs Space Marines BatRep 2000pts

So being a little late this week at club we pretty much got right into the game. I took a fairly different list this week. This is a rough list...

Captain on Bike, + 5 bikers and attack bike
Chaplain leading a tactical squad
2 other tactical squads, one in rhino
3 dreadnoughts, one in drop pod
2 dev squads, one all missile launchers and one all plasma cannons
storm talon with typhoon missile launcher

Mikes Blood Angels list is roughly...

Dante and 5 sanguinary guard
8 assault marines
10 death company in rhino
tactical squad
devastator squad, 2 plasma 2 lascannon
baal and autocannon predators
stormraven with 5 assault terminators

Mike won the roll off to deploy and go first, then I set up. I went for a static left flank and centre, and the right would advance aiming to take out the dakka pred. Otherwise we'd see what happened!

First turn, no first blood but a couple of models killed either way. I glanced the baal and DC rhino twice each but couldn't get the first blood, but if I could weather the second turn of incoming fire I could pick one of those off to get a vital bonus point!

Mikes storm raven comes in and adds fire against the bikes and devs but fails to really do anything. Mikes assault squad manages to make an 11" assault into my central tactical squad, and a combat erupts! In my turn, I'm able to destroy the Baal and the DC rhino. First Blood!

Also in my second turn, my bikers advance even further and fire all their melta weapons at the dakka predator, and promptly blow it up. Another victory point! 

Ouch! As you can see in the following pic, the assault termies come out of the Storm Raven and slam into my tacitcal squad... this won't last much longer! The Tactical squad makes it to my turn with just a sarge and chaplain left, but then they can hold on no longer. I start losing more too, with my dread dying in the centre of the field.

My storm talon comes on and shoots at the devs. I manage to kill 2, but they hold firm. As I mentioned the assault squad and termies butcher my chaplain and tactical squad and consolidate towards my left flank. My bikers advanced again however and melta spoke death to the dreadnought, melting it to slag. For their efforts however Dante is finally able to enter play and charges them with his sanguinary guard. My captain challanges Dante who accepts, and a very close fight erupts between the two Space Marines heroes! The bikers however are unable to hurt the sanguinary guard and all bikes are killed after two turns of combat.

 Last turn heroics needed! At this point neither of us knew the points, so we kept fighting and decided to count up after the battle ended. Mikes 3 assault troops leapt into my left most tactical squad, but overwatch took one out and then I killed another without a loss. The sarge retreated, and Mike was able to save himself a point as his last terminator charged in. In my previous turn I'd shot at his termies with a lot of firepower and killed four... So close! The termie however misses with all but on attack... then rolls a one to wound! I failed to penetrate his armour however until my dreadnought stomps in and deals the fatal blow. Termies killed! 

I'd manage to whittle down the death company slowly but there was a couple left, so a vp denied. Dante and my captain was a close fought fight however, and the game ended with them still fighting. Captain Torgeaz had 2 wounds left, whereas Dante had one. Turn 5 was the last however, and we counted up victory points.

Counting up the points I'd won 7-6, first blood proving crucial! We knew it was a close game as we were playing, but that was incredible, I really like not knowing until after the battle and it proved an entertaining affair. Heck of a game fair dues, Mikes getting to know his army fairly well.

Elswhere at club a game of Gorkamorka went on, but I have no idea what happened apart from hearing much laughter from the table... must have been a good time!


  1. nice game, and some very different lists from what i usually see at 2k with those armies. I've been finding that getting that first blood in is incredibly helpful in the end especially if you couple it with a linebreaker I've had it win me the game.

    1. I know man, neither of our warlords died, or did we have linebreaker. He had one assault guy left that I'd forgot about 4" away from my deployment zone, and I think my captain on bike was just out of his too! I do think if it had gone on for one more turn I could have mopped up a couple of the units and killed dante, toughness 5 for the captain was doing him well!

      Yeah I normally take a land raider and some termies, but its nice using other lists too now and again. I generally choose lists not so much on effectiveness but for which models I want to use that day... and on this day the bikes and devs were in! I knew Mike would take a storm raven, so wanted to take my stormtalon but he hovered do deploy his termies and I missile launchered it to death. Storm Talon wasn't hugely effective, killed a couple of devs and a termie, but it did come on late due to crappy reserve rolls... again ha.

    2. Nice, i've really wanted either the Storm Talon kit or the Stormraven, so i can chaos-ify them and make a Seccessionist lander for my LATD, or add some wings and green stuff to make a neat looking Helldrake.