Thursday 7 June 2012

Evandalists Stormtalon: so far!

Complete and utter work in progress but the colour scheme is there, tidying up then highlighting and detailing. I'm pretty happy with how it looks so far, can't wait to get the pilot painted and canopy put on top. Still a fair way to go but I'm not rushing, shall take my time and hopefully have it done in the next 2 weeks.

In its first game it performed fairly well, hopefully it can continue or at least soak up a lot of fire and leave other elements of my army to do well. I'd love to see a squadron of these.... could happen!


  1. That is looking sweet! Can't believe how fast you've painted it. I really want to pick one up but I'm so skint! I've resorted to flogging stuff on eBay!

    Bye bye Space Wolves and Rogue Trader terminators!

  2. Ha man, its far from finished I can tell you! Still loads to do but getting there. It was nice to put togetehr too, really enjoyed that and same for painting it so far. Pilot is gonna be potchy but ah well.

    I've got some old rogue trader stuff here I'm tempted to sell, chaos stuff mostly! May wait for the new Chaos Codex though!

  3. Not sure how I got onto your blog, but I a staying. Your paint scheme reminds me of tracksuit pants I used to have in the 90's and I friggin love it!

    Awesome work dude.

    1. Haha cheers man, not sure I like having a chapter that look like some tracksuit pants but comments are greatly appreciated=]