Tuesday 19 June 2012

Club Night!

Welcome to another post about the gaming exploits of Tredegar Wargames Club! Last night we had a few games going on. Bam, Owain, and Louis played some Gorkamorka, Alun and Morgan had a couple games of 40k, and we also had Andrew teaching a new lad the basics of 40k. 

I myself took a night off to annoy people with the camera, which is almost as much fun as playing a game. Picture time!

Alun and Owain having a deep and meaningful conversaion about how many squigs it takes to blow up trukk. "One is neva enuff"

Gorkamorka in full swing. Bam did loads of damage, but so did Louis and his stikkbomb throwing ork. Owains gang on the other hand took plenty of scrap. 

Monstrous creatures abound! Or unbound? Daemons versus Edlar, an Avatar, two Wraithlords, 2 deamon princes and some greater deamons. Ouch! Bit of a bloody affair, and a revenge match was being fought as I left.

Grots uze fink deyz iz orks. Too'pid runtz

Caroline pleasing the dice gods with a statue.

Alun explaining to Morgan what he's going to do to him. 

Morgan as it was happening. 

One of Andrews nurgle termies, more on these in a few weeks where I hope to be showcasing his army!

Venerable Mike soothes his addiction for breweries by making a Dwarven one for fantasy.

Bugman likes!

Corrupting the young to the ways of 40k! They were going to play the Black Reach book, but no rules for Orks could be found so it was two Space Marine armies. Note the gap plugging. 

Next week myself and Jordan will be playing against Alun and his Daemons, although I believe he will be using some Chaos marines too in a apocalypse rules game. Jordans taking Grey Knights, and I'll be using the Evandalists. Should be a good one!

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