Monday 18 June 2012

6th Edition Starter Set.

And so this is where it all began. 

For me.

Yes, 6th edition is soon here, and with it comes a tide of hype and and no doubt there will be praise and critics, a conflict between gamers over what edition of the game they prefer that mirrors the conflicts we love to play out on our tables. I first played 40k when it was on its second iteration, and probably only played around 4 games. Ever. I remember the rules well however, as I used to play more Necromunda which had a very similar ruleset. It was easier for my younger mind and its more intimate setting was quicker and easier for myself and my then soon to be brother in law to play. The boxed set came with 2 tactical squads, 20 orks, and I think 20 gretchin. All the models were the same, as plastic was back in those days, but gave you enough troops to fight a few games with. 

As you know, with 6th edition soon coming there have been 3 versions since, and I've only played 4th edition since then and my proper foray into 5th edition. I love playing the game, and I, like many gamers, am excited about the new version. But the main meat of this post is about one thing. Starter Sets.

3rd edition featured the Black Templars, some of you may not know who these are as a codex for this Chapter is long overdue. In the box you were given a tactical squad, and a land speeder. On the other side were the new Dark Eldar, with around 15 or so of this new xenos to expunge from the galaxy. These models were all multi-part, and much better looking than the 2nd edition set. But there just wasn't enough in there. 

4th edition was similar, Ultramarines taking the cover and there was a tactical squad, a pilot model, some nice looking scenery pieces depicting a crashed aquila spacecraft, and some tyranid mini's. Again, a bit more variation but could have done with more. 

And then there was Reach. 

Black Reach.

What a great little set. Back to the more familiar Space Marines versus Orks rivalry, you had a tactical squad, a terminator squad, a captain and a dreadnought. The Orks had a warboss, a squad of orks, 5 nobs, and 3 deffcoptas. What an awesome way to start playing 40. Some great models, not very poseable but you didn't mind as there was so much in the box. Definately by far the best set that has been released.

So where will 6th edition take us? The rumours so far are Dark Angels and Chaos, either in one set or seperate. Belial, deathwing, tactical squad and maybe some bikes are rumoured, while Chaos may get a sorceror or other HQ choice, some Chaos Space Marines to make a squad, some cultists, and some sort of Dreadnought which may be a new thing.... interesting! How much is true of course should be taken with a handful of pepper, but lets hope the improvement keeps coming. But this led me to think... what is your ideal starter set? Why not make a bundle deal?

For example....

Rulebook, templates, a troops unit for your army, a limited choice hq, and maybe another squad or vehicle to add some flavour for a slightly discounted price?  I like the idea of the new starter set, but what am I gonna do with Dark Angels if they have all the iconography on them and aren't easily convertable? Not much I think. So why not make them vanilla marines? Surely you can't go wrong, especially if theres some bitz add-ons you can get hold of? Ho hum, only time will tell. The starter set is always an appealing way of getting into a new rules system, and while I will buy the rulebook on the release date, I will be intrigued to see what the new starter set has to offer.

What say you?


  1. I started with a 4th edition starter and played something like three games in the few months before the 4th edition box came out. I really liked the contents of the Black Reach box, but again I didn't get to play much. I'll very likely buy the 6th edition box with box armies in it...if such a thing is to be released. And I probably won't get to play much with those models either.

    1. Word is Dark Angels and Chaos forces in the starter set, although they could be seperate sets. Probably won't see anything for a couple of months though... Shame!