Friday 22 June 2012

6th Edition Officially Here.

In 7 days at least. Its finally been announced by GW that the 6th edition of Warhammer 40,000 is coming out on the 30th. We all knew this, but its nice its all a definate. Rules will quickly become known and fact, instead of mystery and rumour. Boltguns will chatter from 24", but not until chainswords have been swung. Official pictures from Games Workshop show the book in all its astoundingly gorgeous glory.

It may be £45 for the standard rulebook, but what a standard it is. It really does look the part, and I cannot wait until the 30th when I am able finally thumb through and offer my thoughts on all the rules. I'm hoping to get some games in as soon as possible with the new rules, and shall be posting thoughts. Its quite possible that I may even do my first video post concentrating on the new rules. Excitement!

Tomorrow I'll be visiting my local GW to gather as much info as I can get, and possibly even see if theres any games being run either from a demo rulebook or by the information gathered by the staff. 

What excites you most about 6th edition?Is it being over-hyped? Or are you too caught up in the hype to even care? 40k will undoubtedly change, lets hope its for the better.


  1. I didn't go into GW this weekend, maybe I can one day in the week and I will be on Saturday to collect my pre order goodness!

    I've actually stopped reading the rumours/confirmations now as I don't want to spoil reading the book.

    I can't wait for it! Going to be excellent, I might even watch Bill and Ted's excellent adventure in preparation!

  2. Haha good stuff man! The rumours that are going round all seem to be making sense, which makes it feel like we're getting closer and closer, so excited! I'll be going into the local store saturday and hopefully have a couple of hours down there so I can see how the rules work, then fingers crossed have a couple of games over the weekend ready for club night on monday. We're hoping to get a pile of small games in so we all get to learn the rules at the same time. 2x2 600 pts each methinks sounds good! So wanna be able to afford some Fire Warriors to use as allies!

  3. Allies sound sweet, I want to see exactly how the rules for them work before I purchase anything however I do fancy some Imperial Guard, meanwhile I'll use my Space Wolves as allies for the Sons of Isis. Oh and I've taken your advice and sorted a jump pack for my Chaplain, well I'm I'm the proces of doing it anyway. I'll not be able to play a game for a couple of days as I have my sisters 25th wedding anniversary to go to this weekend so I'll be away from home. Hopefully next week! Oh and I just though, a lethal combination would be Space Wolves and Necron!

  4. That would be, IF you can come up with a nice way to tie them together... Background wise it has to work in my opinion! Its tempted me to do several different squads of other armies, Eldar, Tau, Imperial Guard, maybe even some Sisters of Battle. Read the Legion of the Damned novel and there were some sisters there and they ended up fighting with the marines, so could be cool=]