Sunday 4 December 2011

Tredegar Wargames visit to WHW!!!

This is the trip to Warhammer World I'd mentioned in my first post, with a selection of photos. I'm hoping for the next trip we can try get more of the mini's painted as they look so much better in the pictures when they're done!

Sorting out deployment, took a little while!

Battle commences! Each player had 3000 points, with an allied force of Blood Angels, Eldar, and Grey Knights taking on a Chaos force with Necron allies.

One Eldar titan missing... a Necron monolith appeared at its rear, blew up the titan and then was caught in the blast. As if that wasn't crazy itself, the monolith took out several nearny Space Marine scouts!

An almost overhead shot of the battle midway... everyones going for the bridge objective!

Nurgle marines on an objective... hard to shift!

The last image of the table, an allied win! The bridge objective was the crucial win, as the Imperial/Eldar allies took this and captured win. Close game though, and definately inspired me!

And heres everyone at the end. For myself it was an amazing experience and seeing the miniatures gallery was simply awe-inspiring. Can't wait for the next trip to actually play!

Tredegar Wargames club website can be found here

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