Sunday 4 December 2011

The First One.

First of all, let me introduce myself. I am Big Kev, aka vandalworks. I've blogged a wee bit before but this is my new foray into blogging about wargaming, and the Games Workshop games in particular! Having been in exile for the last 10 or so years I recently discovered a group of gamers nearby who all meet up and play games like 40k, WHfantasy and other such gems. Having dusted off some of my old mini's I delved back into wargaming with a passion.

Looking at my old space marines I had about 1000 points or so, and have since added to these and have over 2000. This tactical squad is still wip but you get the general idea that this isn't a conventional looking army, which basically suits my personality. The Evandalists, as I've called them, are a little wild compared to must codex chapters in terms of colour schemes but I think the colours go well together. Expect to see plenty more!

This is my first finished midel, a Legion of the Damned Seargant. I love the black and bone with flames colour scheme but as I'm getting back into painting I wasn't sure I was able to match it to a good high quality. Wondering what I could do I kept reading the background for them. The idea formed that as they appeared they seemed like ghosts, marines with supernatural strength. Supernatural... GHOSTS!!! Hence the ghostly paint job. I'm pretty chuffed with this and hope to do a full squad when I can afford more.

I also managed to 'rescue' this Land Raider from a previously unfinished state. This too is WIP but its not too far from completion.

The general aim is to get around 3000 points with which to play an apocolypse game with the Tredegar Wargaming club when the next visit Warhammer World. They generously took me up there on their last visit and I had an insanely amazing time. I'll post the pictures from that on here so you get to see what went on. We're currently playing a campaign based over 5 different planets/moons, in a search for the 'Angel', a weapon of unknown destruction and potential. I've won2 games, lost one, and also drawn a game. Pretty chuffed with that as I've played 6 games of 40k and thats it, having played two practice games beforehand to get to know the rules a little. Getting back into the hobby has been amazing as I've always kept upto date through having every issue of White Dwarf since 1995. More updates coming soon!

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  1. One coat of the blue wash does look really good!

    I personally ran with 2 coats, but what can I say? I like the green.

    The legion of the damned models are awesome. I saw this one picture online where the painter did one coat of wash (but in green) but used orange, yellow, and red for glow effects and to paint the lines of the flames in the armor and it looks simply awesome. Something worth considering if you are interested.