Tuesday 6 December 2011

Monday Night Gaming

So last night was campaign night, which is coming along pretty well. I was hoping to take pictures of a lot of the battles but my camera died almost as I turned it on... Doh!

My game was against Orks, which was a first for me. Every opponent so far has had power armour! So far my results had been a win versus Thousand Sons, a draw against Plague Marines, a loss against Space Wolves, then a win against Grey Knights. Knowing enough about the Orks to attempt to shoot from afar I had this in mind and heres my army list...

Captain with power sword and storm shield
5 assault terminators in a land raider
Master of the Forge with conversion beamer
2 tactical squads with ML+F
6 scouts with sniper rifles and heavy bolter
2 dreadnoughts, one with assault cannon and the other twin lascannon
7 Legion of the Damned.

Mission was annihilation on a DOW deployment.

The Orks set up in one corner, which meant I could set up further away and give me more time to bring weapons to bear.

My scouts were deployed just to the right of the picture, and didnt last too long. They did however stop the Orks attacking in numbers towards my main battleline which was handy!The trukk coming towards me suffered a lot of attention and took 3 turns to finally immobilise and destroy, kudos to the mek that built that! Ork Kommandos came from behind my lines lead by Ork boss Snikrot, and royallt duffed up one of my tactical squads. In turn my land raider disgorged my captain and terminators who wiped out the Kommandos and their boss. The Legion of the Damned teleported in and did what they do best, tied up a few of the Ork units which meant they could only attack piecemeal, which is what I had hoped. At the end I won 6 kill points to 4, and the table looked a bit like this

Job done! In total thats 3 wins, 1 loss and 1 draw. Considering I'd only played two games of 40k before the campaign started I'm pretty chuffed with how I'm doing.

This was the only other pic I managed to get that was any good before the battery died

Space Wolves versus Thousand Sons, and I believe the SW's got a victory here. Due to the amount of people taking part we've now formed alliances, I'm part of an all Space Marine alliance which involves my mainres, two Space Wolf forces and an Ultramarines army. To gain control of a moon we're having a 3 vs 3 battle in a couple of weeks, can't wait to a multiplayer game!

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