Saturday 20 March 2021

Saturday Salvo!

Saturday Salvo returns! Here I look at the Warhammer Preview from the 20th of March 2021. So what plastic creations are Games Workshop planning to release so that we may empty our wallets?

How about some old world familiar style miniatures updated for AOS?

Well the Blood Knights are back! The Soulblight are AoS equivilant of the old Vampire Counts army, and look like a very interesting force. I'm not likely to play Age of Sigmar, but invoking those warm nostalgic memories of WHF is a good way to get people more inclined to give it a go should there be some wavering on the fence about picking up AoS. Heres the older miniatures, that still look good to be fair. 

Ah, square bases. I feel like a teenager again. New Skeletons and zombies also incoming with a similar look to those in Cursed City, an upcoming Warhammer Quest game I am interested in, and these absolutely gorgeous Giant Fell Bats. I need some!

Not gonna lie, I want a load of them. Bakcing up my Sisters of Battle with zealous fury, for Necromunda, make a missionary out of those bits too for the Sisters. 

That chainsaw with the exterminator flamer! I cannot wait to grab a box of these. I've got some Cawdor and Flagellants from the Fantasy range to kit bash and these will be awesome for that. Also coming is a new starter box game for Necromunda which looks interesting.

Looks like Orks are going even more feral with this tease of the 'Beast Snagga's'. I'm intrigued to see if these are going to be with the codex or a supplement, the latter will be disappointing but its new models at least. Can we get a new Squiggoth model please GeeDubs?

The Adepta Sororitas are also getting new releases as has been seen previously with the new battle suit but a new tank had also been teased. The community wanted the return of the Repressor... and we didn't get it. We got this.

Now I'm grateful for new models... but this disappoints me. Its a Space Marine Predator. It doesn't feel new or needed in the Sisters range. The heavy support slot already has Retributers and Exorcists competing to be included and now this? Hmm I just can't see myself caring about it. Something bigger with room for a small squad of Sisters I'd have preferred, like a mini Stormlord or... A REPRESSOR! But no, we have a Leman Russ/SM Predator love child that for me, doesn't really work. What do you think of it or on any of the new previews?

It'll be interesting to see what else is teased throughout the year, Angron or Fulgrim would be nice, Be'Lakor was a great show and we need more big scary looking models!

At the moment I've been doing a lot of D&D writing, painting some models ready for it but also painting up my Sisters force for a game thats happening soon! Most are at a very basic stage so don't expect too many pictures but I will be doing an update for a WIP it Wednesday blog post... which will be a new feature and a way to get me blogging more often again! Yep, hoping to get 2 regular posts out every week plus anything else that catches my eye. I've got the new Candlekeep Mysteries book for D&D 5e which I'll go into a little and also hopefully talk about some of my homebrew content.

Maybe a little preview of my own?.....

SISTERS! I've got 2 ten strong Battle Sister squads, 1 Penitent engine, 5 Seraphim, Repentia with Mistress, 2x Canoness, Hospitaller and Imagifier (from the Triumph kit)to get done. I've already got 10 Sisters and an Exorcist mostly painted so I'm around about 1000 points strong.

So whats everyone else been upto? What did you think of the previews? Let me know and see you all soon!

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