Saturday 2 January 2021

The Primogenitor Project

The skin at the ends of his mouth cracked a little as the Chief Apothecary allowed himself to smile. Despite the time and resources it had taken, the various samples and experiments that had gone wrong and then razed before new tests subjects could be found or taken, he had finally been successful with his latest endeavour. 'Cawl, I have to hand it to you' he muttered to himself as his latest works cleaned up the last of their kills. The pict display showed the Sergeant surveying the field, striding past the bodies of freshly killed guardsmen as the Tormentum, Bile's personal transport, began to slow down. Not for thousands of years had the Clonelord seen such perfection on the field of battle, perhaps even since the Great Crusades. The purple and gold armour was a bold choice but the Spider knew it would mock the 'Loyalists' when they were being destroyed by a Legion renewed. He stroked his chin gently..... 'Perfection Primogenitor... Perfection.'

The Tormentum had stopped beside a small pile of corpses, where 5 Marines stood patiently for their Chief Apothecary. Fabius strode down the ramp. his skin cloak swaying as he spun around to meet his 'children'. Sergeant Hodoxum stepped forward and nodded. "You have performed well. I almost feel proud of you my sons' Fabius said to the squad. "Chief Apothecary, minor injuries to two but no losses. Enemy has been wiped out in this sector and Squad Daylus is advancing upon another enemy position as we speak. They will hold it shortly' the Sergeant stated. "Good" Bile replied. "There is a laboratory somewhere and it is important to me that I discover why these fools are dying to defending its location". A guardsmen let out a whimper nearby, and tried to reach up the Sergeants leg. Hodoxum looked down almost in pity, before stamping on the troopers skull releasing a small spurt of blood and matter onto the floor. "Sergeant advance to assist Squad Daylus. Inform them to take any officers prisoner but eradicate any others." The Sergeant motioned at his squad to move out, the gleaming purple and gold armour shone resplendantly as Fabius smiled once more, impressed with his own ability to have enhanced Cawls work into these magnificent beings. 'I would like to thank Cawl personally' Fabius thought to himself as he stalked back up the ramp of the Tormentum, the pistons on the door hissing as it closed behind him. 'Now, what secrets does this world have for me....' 

The Clonelord Cometh.
Future project tease, more information coming soon,

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