Thursday 25 March 2021

Orks Vs Adepta Sororitas

 Welcome! Myself and Bam got to play a game of 9th on the weekend so thought I'd post a little overview of it. We forgot a tonne of rules We aimed for 1000 points but ended up at 950 as Bam wasn't sure what else to use.

 We pulled out a mission from the Open War pack that said we had to go for obejectives and scored point for each objective we held at the end of our turns, and from the second turn we had to roll a d6 and remove that number objective. Being knobs we totally forgot that one. Should have kept it even more simple!

Heres deployment!

Basic army lists had Bam with the following:
2 units of Trukk Boyz, one had a warboss inside
2 units of 6 Bikers
20 grots
10 Stormboyz

I had:
2 Canoness
3 Battle Sisters Squads 2x 10 and one 9 Sister strong
Penitent Engine
5 Repentia w/Superior
5 Seraphim

 I moved forward a little to get three onjectives, and whittled a couple of stormboyz down and took the one biker mob down by two bikes from the exorcists. Bam charged his stormboyz forward, I did overwatch and killed a couple more until just five remained. I could weather this attack!

Bam caused 11 wounds, here was my saving roll on a 3+....

I still roll pretty crap power armour saves then it seems! I did switch one fail out for a miracle dice to save three Sisters in total however....I failed the morale check and then proceeded to have the last few run away. Not good!

The Canoness armed with Benificence killed the Stormboys in revenge and I sent the Repentia forward into a trukk with seraphim closing behind to back up.

Meanwhile my centre started to crumble, Bikers came in and started to whittle down my squad of Sisters before the Penitent Engine swept in and... well did very little. My other Canoness and Hospitaller charged in to try and deal with them but wounding on 5's isn't good!  


Meanwhile Bam was feeling dejected after the Exorcist killed four bikers from his other squad so charged a trukk into the safety of combat for the central objective,

That kept the Sisters there tied up while the Warboss smashed the Pentient Engine with ease and the boys took the rest of the Sisters Squad down that was stuck against the Bikers.


 Everywhere else the Sisters fell until the battlefield belonged to the Orks. Repentia failed to blow up the trukk so the Boyz came out and wiped them out before the Seraphim managed to take several of the boyz down before they too were brought down. It was a bit of a blood bath! I did manage to kill some of the boyz in the middle with the Canoness but I failed too many armour saves to keep her going. 

If theres one thing we learned in this battle its that we need to remember things, perhaps make a cheat sheet of abilities but also mission objectives, because we forgot so much. I was Bloody Rose and forgot all my abilities, Bams Goffs remembered the '6's generate extra hits' and that was huge for him, turning average dice rolls into 'technically I made em all' rolls. I need to look at the rules for combat too, as allocating wounds and what can kill what we just played to what we felt made sense so I think before the next game watch some 'how to play' videos online!

We had fun though and thats the main, we're gonna try get a battle in every month if possible as we also play D&D and have a session in the next couple of weeks I'm getting prepped. We wanna try get some Necromunda in too at some point but its another ruleset to learn so sticking with 40k first seems to make sense. Bam's looking to add more Boyz to his force to have a couple of blobs, Sisters wise I'm unsure what I'll add as I want to get these painted first. I'm intrigued with the Sisters in big suits of armour, so will probably wait until then and if I don't fancy them another squad of Sisters and some Retributers might be in order, possibly another 5 Seraphim too as I liked their mobility. It doesn't help I have a few other things I want to do too, including a couple of kitbashed transports for other armies! 

 Coming up I'm going to talk about some homebrew D&D I've worked on, a secretive faction that are part of the Lords Alliance in the Forgotten Realms.... the Jaegers of Zielen. As as I was writing this an NPC miniature from Heroforge arrived so it has to happen!


What Sororitas and Ork tactics do you have? Wheres a good place to learn 40k rules and have you any youtube recommendations? Thanks for reading folks!



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