Thursday 14 May 2020

The Return

If I've stated it once, I've stated it several times, but I'm back. I've not posted since November, 2018 and I'll be honest it feels like a lifetime ago. What happened during this time is deeply personal, so I won't spare the details but over the last few months my hobby mojo has started to return. It has taken a little knock during this Corona Virus debacle but I'm still soldiering away on painting and crafting ideas for gaming and generally trying to make the most of this isolation. 

Necromunda, has been at the forefront. 

I picked up a couple sets of the floor tiles, and decided to paint them purple, using silver, rust and chevrons to break them up. The PLLX stands for Pollux, thinking my hive will be named after the Imperial Fists hero. I think they came out well!

My Necromunda gangs will all see use in my Hive Guard army for 40k, so twenty orlocks means two units of infantry for the force. I've got sizty in total, 20 orlocks, 10 van saar, 20 escher and 10 goliaths. Plus various tanks and vehicles. 

The Dark Uprising set really captured my imagination, and I'll get some better pictures soon as thats all purple too and goes well with the floor tiles. 

So whats in store in the future for Death By Die? 

D&D has been a staple of my gaming time, so I've been jotting down campaign ideas for when the group can get back together. In the campaign I play I'll be showing off some things I've done with my character, Tovus the Visceral. More on him later though! I may also post about a previous character named Elias Azure, and talk about how I create characters for roleplaying games. 

40k will also feature as I may get involved in a gaming club campaign and also running a very narrative based campaign with an Ork warlord. Look for world building ideas, force ideas to keep things narrative and painting and conversion ideas coming soon... I also picked some Sisters up....

I'll also be running a Necromunda campaign in the future at my local club so expect some news on that when social gatherings are once more allowed. I've been slowly building up some ideas for the hive and will begin crafting those into a solid background within the next month or two.

I may showcase some Kickstarters, other hobbyists work, maybe even some Q&A's with myself and others here too. One other thing I may do is some archived White Dwarf look backs, as my collection goes back to about 180... which is over 20 years ago! 

If you have any ideas or things you'd like me to share then feel free to get in touch. I'm still affiliate for The Outpost who continue to serve as the most excellent online shop of all things tabletop. Click the link above and take a look, you'll also be helping me too! 

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