Wednesday 20 May 2020

Work in Progress!

Today I thought I'd show off what I'm currently doing, what I've done, and what I may be doing very soon!

 Currently working my way through this beauty, an Exorcists for the Adepta Sororitas aka the Sisters of Battle. I've not got a name for the order yet but I am happy with the scheme I've gone for, I think it works pretty well and getting a small force together will look pretty darn good!

Managed to get these Van Saar finished enough to where I'm happy with them too, few bits I can tidy up but this gives me now 40 indantry for my Imperial Guard brigade and I'll be working on 20 Escher next. I'll also be doing some world building for a 40k campaign I'll be doing with the notorious Bam pitting my Guard vs his Orks which he's be painting up. He's done some fantastic conversions and kitbashes so I'll also be showing these off too.

Also coming up I saw a most excellent conversion using the Severina Raine miniature as a proxy for Commissar Yarrick where she had a storm bolter in her sword hand and instead of the pistol she had a Mechanicus claw. I'm unsure if I'll do the same weapons but it was good enough to inspire me to get one from The Outpost as well as a second box of Atalan Jackals, the first box of which Bam got me for my birthday last year. Now I'm debating whether to keep the bodies as the same or to get another box of orlocks and try to use those... We shall see!

So what are you lot working on? What projects have you got coming up? Let me know and perhaps I'll showcase them in this very blog!   

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