Saturday 6 October 2018

Saturday Salvo! New Releases and Orktober

Its Saturday, its Salvo time! I'm still awaiting news on the Orktober releases, but we do have some nice looking preorders up today.

The Warhound Titans are available next week, meaning preorders are up now. They look great and I may pick some up in the future to paint.

For Warhammer Underworlds there are two new warbands, as well as the warbands from the Shadespire set. The Eyes of the Nine are a Tzeentch based warband, and look like they're quite a versatile warband. The Tzaangor holding the sword looks great a female acolyte model is welcome!

The other new Warband up for release are the fantastically named Zarbags Gits. This motley crew of grots have 9 models in, the most of any Warhammer Underworld warband to date! Plus squigs. More squigs! 
Remember the Outpost have a whopping 20% discount on all GW products, so to grab these and any other Warhammer Underworlds warbands for just £14 each head over there on the link above to pre order! Until Sunday night, the 7th of October, they are also offering free entry into a competition to win a £25 voucher for each of the new WU warbands purchased and the Warhound Titans which are £32 to preorder. 

Another intriguing preorder is OP-Drop October 2018 which is a random bundle of goodies, this month containing products from Privateer Press, Warlord Games, Steamforged Games, plus painting and hobby equipment like the Kolinsky Brushes with more to be announced. In total the worth of this box is £70+ but are available to preorder for an insane £29.99. 

Now then, ORKTOBER! 

Currently I'm a wee disappointed that we haven't had the preorders come up for this beauty yet.

At the same time however, I am so excited to get this, I really need to get started on the orks I have as none of them are painted yet and theres 100+ boyz and various other bits to get sorted! We have 3 buggies announced and one more being teased.

Theres the Warboss on a trike model coming too, although I'm unsure if I like it. Theres a lot of conversion  potential thought so I'll probably pick it up but to use for kitbashing!

Rumours are currently suggesting preorders may be up next Saturday, so expect a Salvo and a half if thats the case! I'd like to create something large and kustomised for the army, so have been toying with the idea of a gorkanaut (or morkanaut)  but using the Arkanaut Ironclad as a base, perhaps attaching two chunky legs to the hull and creating a gun deck of sorts. I need to have a play around with the ideas so we'll see, but I dislike the Morkanaut model, just doesn't work for me. The stompa I'm not a fan of either so depending on where the ideas go, it could be a stompa! 

So what are you guys looking forward to? What would you love to see in the Ork Codex that isn't announced yet? I want kustom wagons! 

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