Wednesday 22 August 2018

Ongoing Heresy

Yup, you heard right. Heresy.

But what heresy you may ask? The heresy, and its a punishable offence at that, is that I've once again cast my thoughts away from Death By Die, allowing dust to gather in the corners, servitors to wander aimlessly around wondering why they haven't been programmed, and mutants are starting to gather outside. 

Well, it may feel like deja vu but lets try and get this going back at a steady rate shall we? News wise, theres been a few things. A few months were taken out of regular life as there was a family illness, yup... the 'C' word. My Primarch, Papa Rowland is well on his way to recovering though and things are getting back to normal. Whatever normal is! 

Also, I've I mentioned way back on my last post, I've started painting. A lot. I've slapped a few examples from some of the miniatures I've painted, theres some I did for a client I know that I need to pinch back to do some better images of. But here, is some Necromunda!

All the gangs so far have been fantastic to work with, the shield that comes with the Van Saar makes me want to do a few as Crusaders for my Astra Militarum force. Also, I painted this guy!

I gave this guy to my Blood Reavering friend Gav to add to his Khorne force, I even got to kill him!

Currently I'm working on a Chaos Chosen team which will be going up for sale in the next few days, I also picked up three Questoris Knights from the new Adetpus Titanicus which I'll also show some wip pics of soon. 

I've also been getting into Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Champions, a great card game by PlayFusion set in the AoS world. I've gone for Chaos and Death, favouring Death currently and Bam has opted for Order and Destruction, with a preference for Destruction. Cause Bams like that. Hes beaten me more so far but we had some close games, one of which felt like an epic battle of Warhammer which I absolutely loved. Bam kept damaging me in bursts while I slowly whittled him down, slowly regainging little bits of health where I could. He sent me to the grave but being Death, I got back out! It wasn't enough however and Bam managed to again send me packing but it was so much fun. I need more boosters! 

So thats how things are currently, as well as other things such as a 40k escalation league in which I've taken Orks, re-doing my Space Marine chapter cause, well we all like a bit of pain and getting ready to start a D&D campaign in which I'm Dungeon Mastering, and providing a lot of miniatures for. More on all these things soon! I'm hopeful about remembering my intention to do Saturday Salvo again, shall see!

Theres that deja vu again......

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