Tuesday 24 April 2018

Magore's Fiends Showcase

Its been a little while since I've posted, although thats probably the most common introduction I produce on the blog. But, bear with me for it is a good thing. Almost two months ago I decided to paint, challenging myself to get better. You've seen my stuff before, it was alright, but I think I've improved. So much so that I've grabbed up all the Shadespire I could and got to painting it.

So here to begin with, I present the recently released Magore's Fiends.

While I'm still not steeped in the lore of Age of Sigmar theres no doubting the models for AoS and Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire are absolutely beautiful. I enjoyed painting these as I love painting red, still working on blending and building up layers but its looking quite effective. 

Being a Khorne Daemon army player (well sorta, not played with them much as they're under reconstruction) but this is the first Flesh Hound I've painted and I need to do more. Riptooth is a good boy!

So there we have Magore's Fiends. I've also got the Farstriders coming in a post soon along with the other warbands I've painted, of which there are another 3. Like I said, I've really enjoyed painting them! I have also started to take on commissions so if you have anything you'd like painted to a good standard for use on the table please get in touch on my Facebook page where I can answer all of your questions or you can just keep track of blog updates. Thanks for looking, more soon! 

No seriously this time.


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