Tuesday 9 January 2018

Specialist Games Progress: Human Team and Goliaths

So following on from yesterdays progress on my 40k collection todays post is all Specialist Games! First up are my Ostermark Oracles human Blood Bowl team!

 First are three of my four Blitzers, all slightly converted with pistolier heads from the Empire AoS range and some slight tweaks to arms to give some different poses.

What team doesn't have coaching staff? Well heres the Oracles! Assistant coach on the left, Head Coach in the middle and apothecary on the right, all from one of the old Empire cannon crews. 

Now the fourth blitzer of the team and its the last metal Griff Oberwald miniature GW produced. I loved this model so it seemed only natural to have him lead my team!

Every team needs linemen to do the dirty work like blocking and covering the harder players on the opposite team and heres the Oracles linemen. All of their heads are different, and I cannot believe I've forgotten which company made these but I have one left to use that reminds me of Hanzo from Overwatch... to save for future additional player or something else.. that is the question!

As a human player the thrower and catcher combo is much needed, and I'll get myself a second catcher at some point to back up this one. A second thrower might be useful too!

 I love the Mighty Zug models, all of them! I use the newer one as an Ogre, as I have the last two previously also. Such a dynamic yet brick hard looking miniature!

 I fancied making a full on turn marker for the team too using some of the bits from the human sprue and I'm happy how its turned out. I also use my coaching staff as counters, the Head Coach being the score marker, assistant coach for rerolls and the apothecary to... well just heal someone!

Along with the Blood Bowl are my almost finished Goliath gang!

I've built them all as they are in the box, but I have another three of the stub cannon toting gangers to form up with three heavier weapons as I'll be using them as Veterans in my Astra Militarum list. Slam them in a Goliath(which will be a Taurox for game purposes) and I'll have a shotgun armed squad to slap some shots into infantry units to soften up or finish off. 

Some of the close combat guys who may also get in my list but using Genestealer Cult rules, as acolytes. Because they're hive gangers I love the idea of them using the ambush rules and surprising units and think it fits well in the narrative of my list.

Few more one with a Rivet gun, I have two of the other heavier weapons built too and they'll counts as special weapons depending on what I fancy. 

Finally my Leader! Yep, that cigar is the second attempt as I lost the first, its so small! I love the hammer too, although I wish it was easier to put in different positions but may have a go at one swinging a hammer at some point. 

Also heres how the bases look, which I'm pretty happy with! They have washes of Nuln Oil and Agrax on to filth it up with some verdigris on too just to add some wear. And of cause, chevrons! 

I've also been working on the escher gang but theres still a lot to do on those, all built as the gang in the box but will be making more lasgun armed gangers to build up an infantry squad for the AM army and then another 10 wth combat weapons to use as neophytes in the GSC portion of my army. 

I've got some other ideas for the list but I wanna do some crusaders and not sure what to use for them. I need to do my ogryns too and have another Leman Russ on the way for something a little different!


  1. Love the Oracles Kev! I'm yet to dabble in Necromuda but still loving. Blood Bowl

    1. Ah cheers man! What you upto these days? Still blogging?

  2. I've only just started back doing it bud and still trying to find my feet really. I keep checking other blogs to get inspired :)