Sunday 7 January 2018

Progress: Terrain And Tanks!

So with Xmas and the New Yearhaving passed, I hope everyones had a good time and are cracking on with hobby projects! I've been pretty busy so taken some better photos of what I've been upto so here they are.

The armoured containers were nice and easy to build, and painting was similarly fun too. I undercoated them all with Rhinox Hide, then based with chosen colours on top. Red took two coats, orange took 3 with a bit of touching up, but green went on easily in one with some touch ups. Now I find weathering and bare metal work to add a great contrast to colours and it also helps unify models over different colours. Its also a great way alternative to highlighting so I went nuts on these!

I used some watered down Gorthor Brown to add rust drips, and some more Rhinox Hide to add as a backdrop to put the Leadbelcher on top to created the worn edges and patches were things were knocked against or perhaps gunfire ricocheted off. 

As you can see I also added a couple of transfers just to add some depth and make them stand out a little. 

I've also been cracking on with the Necromunda terrain and the smaller aspects of the containers box, getting some rust out on these has been fun as its been ages since I've used it. I've got loads more of these to do and these need finishing off also. I've got 6 barrels in orange with numbers on too for objective tokens that I'm adding drips too.

Also over Xmas I wanted to rework my Imperial Guard army. Having previously been painted (but never finished) in grey, they just looked unfinished as it was a similar tone to plastic. Thats no good! Some thinking soon provided me with an answer....


While basing my tanks with Thunderhawk Blue I wondered what to do in terms of highlighting and/or camo. Lighter tones, darker tones, I just wasn't sure. Going back to my earlier terrain painting though I enjoyed playing with rust. That was it! 

I added plenty of rust to the tanks, not so much in a camo pattern but it certainly gives a similar effect. I've still got some last few bits to do to these but I also have another Chimera, a Vendetta and a mighty Stormlord to finish off too!

In terms of background with my intention to use some of the Necromunda gangs as infantry the idea is that with some sort of invasion to a hive world the old tanks were found then repurposed by the gangs and some of the Astra Militarum trying to get a defence in order to repel the enemies attacking. With the defence a success the rust was kept as a blessing to the Omnissah and now chemicals are added to the vehicles by Tech-Adepts to rust up in the name of the machine god. It works for me anyways!

So what have you guys been upto? Post photos or get in touch if you'd like your work showcased!

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