Tuesday 2 January 2018

Review: WD January

So 2018's first post a review of Januarys edition of White Dwarf, the Games Workshop publication. Manby of you GW fans will no doubt have seen the Nurgle miniatures coming soon and White Dwarf offers a great look into them. So here we go!

The cover has this great art from the AOS Battletome: Daemons on it, the Lord of Blight taking centre stage. The new model looks great and can see how inspired it is by a certain other Nurgle model thats been converted and painted so many times yet each time I see it, it looks so different.

Amongh the Nurgle releases is this boxed game from Devil Pig Games, Heroes of Black Reach. Its a hard card version of 40k by the seems and is quick an deasy to get into with games only taking 30 mins or so. It looks quiet fun and will be a tempter!

An interview with Black Library legend, Dan Abnett. I've read a few of his books and hes certainly one of the best writers of 40k lore, Unremembered Empire was a personal favourite. 

Designers notes about the new look Nurgle Daemons, this is a really interesting read from the conception by John Blanche of the aesthetics of the original Gods to how they still contain those key elements. Those Great Unclean Ones are incredible and the Nurglings... well they are so small but have so much character. Also Nurgley is a battle report between Nurgle Daemons and Fyreslayers, haven't read through this yet but going from the points its a reasonably close game and the photos look great. 

An article on making Tau terrain and its really interesting to see how Dan Harden tackled creating it from Tau spare bits and the look is amazingly good. Who knew a water tank would look so damn good built by the Tau?

If you think that photo looks incredible of Iain Gonzalez wait til you see the full spread. A great collecting article looking at the gentlemans Ork army and it looks flat out (coz its red boss) and is inspiring me as I may be getting some orks to paint up soon!

A Blood Bowl article is also featured looking at some of the teams created by GW staff, Louise Sugdens goblin team I've drooled over on Instagram they're so well painted. Good to see some colour schemes for several teams here!

Among the readers models this month is this sick looking Cor'Bax Utterblight by Yann Taniou. I've seen this model a couple of times on some youtube battle reports and it looks so good, its different from a lot of other Nurgle Daemons but is still unmistakenably Nurgle. 

I had to include the back cover too, it shows off the size of those Great Unclean Ones so well next to Nagash and I can't wait to hear how they do battles.

Other articles I didn't cover was some lore on the Malign Portents, guides to Death in AoS and Orks in 40k, a miniatures review of the year, an AoS Tale of Four Warlords, some new armies for 40k by staff, plus some scenarios for Necromunda, Hobbit, and Warhammer Quest. 

So far its been a great iussue and start to the year and I've still got some left to read. Codex Daemons is going to be the one thing I definately pick up from this months issue and I can make a start on my Khorne Daemons reworking that I need to do. If you're reading this hoping for some sneak peeks at rules then I haven't delved into it enough for that, you will have to get this issue for yourself!

All in all a fantastic start to the year. I've literally today subscribed to Warhammer TV's twitch and can't wait to get stuck into the bakc catalogue of things to watch, mention going to Painting with Duncan and Peachy which is live tonight in half hour at 6pm (UK time). 

Hope you've all had a good Xmas and New Years! If you have projects you'd like featured why not get in touch? Heres to 2018!

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