Wednesday 6 January 2016

Please Allow Me....

To reintroduce myself.

So who is this great bufoon behind the blog? Well, put simply, me. Known infamously as Big Kev or vandalworks (twitter, instagram, XBL, facebook) I am not only large in size but also large in nerdiness. Over the last year, Death By Die, has been put to the side a little as real life came to the forefront and decimated my time and mental stability. But now it would appear that I need this more than I realised. I've missed blogging, writing about things I love (mainly gaming of the dice and card based kind) and hearing from people and making new friends. So where do we start? Lets talk about the shit I love.

This last year, myself and a couple of our club members (The Gwent Reavers) got into Dungeons and Dragons. We didn't know what to expect, but I think massively enjoying it wasn't one. I thought it would be ok and worth a go, but I've now become a huge fan of being a DM (thats short for dungeon master) and helping to create these adventures for my friends to gallantly garner victory or hilariously fail basic tasks. Gav, looking at you kid. What makes this so good is character development, seeing people you know get into who they have become for a game and trying to go against what might be a better tactical option for something more in line with their character. And the best thing now is that we're soon having our first regular roleplay night with a few new people. Should be good and will be something I'll blog about in the future! 

Ah Sons of Anarchy. This represents not just how much I adore board games but certain TV shows too. Sons being one, Game of Thrones being another. I don't get in to many but the ones I do get into, I may blog about occasionally! Also keep an eye out for movie posts, with a Force Awakens thoughts post coming soon!

Everyone needs their ideal snack for gaming, and by Christ Squashies are the best. From full to empty in a short and often unbelievable amount of time these little pillows of goodness are addictive. Hence why I've been clean for a few weeks. But soon....

Being born in the year of the Empire, (1980) I was a pure eighties kid. Cartoons were probably at their best with Thundercats, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Bravestarr and a plethora of other goodies being crammed into my eager and toy needing eyes. But if one caught my attention more than any, it was Transformers. Generation One Transformers to be specific. When the vehicles got a little scifi they were'nt Robots in Disguise anymore, which was ok but I preferred the real looking ones. Expect much gushing if I spy Transformer related goodness. 

Ah Blood Bowl, my first love. Not only have Games Workshop released the first sculpts for the new addition and therefore given me the biggest nerd-on in the last year but I picked up the sequal to the original videogame on the Xbox One and its been enjoyable. I took a little time off videogames for a few years but a few months ago Star Wars Battlefront was being released and I needed to get back on board. Expect some videogaming posts on this very blog! Along with the Blood Bowl tabletop game I do play the occasional game of 40k and am often found tinkering around with some Space Marines, so progress, which you can find over various posts previously in this blog shall continue!

Wrestling. Yes, I'm a fan of the theatrical fight where men in pants covered in baby oil act and grapple for a new belt. From WWE to local wrestling, if I can get to some shows I'll be giving thoughts on them and about things that happen in the wrestling world as I see fit to comment on. Royal Rumble is just around the corner and may well be the first subject on this blog! 

So thats my reintroduction of who I am, and what you can expect as I attempt to inspire myself to blog and annoy you about all things I feel most nerdy about. 

Geek on Garth.

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