Saturday 5 September 2015

APOCALYPSE!!! 11K Batrep and Timelapse!

I say its a battle report, its more a whinge about how I got the shit blown out of me in the first turn. Yikes! So the game... we aimed for 10k each, and ended up with 11k each. As you can see, Aluns artillery was scary!

So yeah I had that to face, was not impressed! What did I have? 

This. Battle company and some bits! 

We bid for deployment and Alun went for 4 minutes and I went for 8 minutes 20 seconds. I rolled a 6 to steal the initiative... then Alun informed me Coteaz was in his force and I had to reroll. Swine! This would not go well! And it didn't...

Yeah theres my first turn killed pile except for the marines to the right. Alun used a stratagem that allowed his manticores (all four I think) to fire several times each causing a lot of dead tanks. Among the dead were a couple of land raiders, a couple of predators, and my line breaker formation. Ouch! I did not have much confidence... I did aim to get points though as thats what gets you prizes!

I managed to kill Aluns Shadowsword, and capture 5 of the six objectives to give me a 6-1 lead at the first break, where a mixed grill happened! Thats teh way to get some confidence. Stratagem wise I'd used my first in the first turn to deep strike everything with 'Precise Coordinates'. I had an Orbital Strike from the Battle Company and had chosen reinforcements to bring back a formation which I kept in case those points were needed. Aluns second turn wasnt as brutal as the first.

Assassins fought each other, fliers fought flier, troops ran out of broken transports to capture objectives. I think the key fights were the Legion of the Damned and some thunder hammer termies ganging up on a unit consisting of Coteaz, another inquisitor, Stracken, Deddog and Yarrick, another thunder hammer unit fighting an eversor, my callidus and librarian in termie armour taking on Aluns warmaster Creed, my squads getting amongst aluns tanks to do some damage helped immensely too. But would it be enough?

We had to end at turn three, and it seemed I'd managed a 19-8 win. Had it gone on longer I'm unsure whether I could have held on, I still had some units to use out of my storm raven, my chapter master hadn't exited his land raider yet either, but alun still had a lot of tanks! I think he'd have definitely closed the gap but I may have just edged it.

So my favourite moments include seeing Aluns force on the table, hes built a lot of tanks over the last week and did well to get so much done. Scariest army I've ever seen! 

The Legion of the Damned were amazing again. Using the formation from the Armageddon section they with a couple of other units decimated Aluns infantry heavy weapons platoon. They're just so cinematic too! 

Killing the Shadowsword and only rolling a 'one' was disappointing, I wanted to see more destruction! Alun only improved it a little blowing the Stormlord up by rolling a 'two'. Next time!

Assassins battling each other was fun, Als Callidus cropped up in my Bastion so I put my Eversor in there to butcher her, and I placed my Callidus in Als Bastion next to his Vindicare who was about to charge him before the Stormlord unleashed a torrent of fire at him, chewing him up leaving her able to assault the command squad with the Librarian. 

Conversion Beamers. I have NO LUCK with them! I even borrowed Bams (who I'll have to show off when hes painted) and they didn't do an awful lot. 

Actually rolling for Terminator saves was fun, even though I rolled more ones than I should it wasnt rolling as many as I usually do... my power armour saves were atrocious though, consistently rolling half instead of two thirds. 

There were so many things I've probably forgotten about and Al will shout at me for forgetting too! Anyways, theres a timelapse below so enjoy the speeded up action!


  1. The time lapse is an absolutely brilliant idea! WOW!

  2. Yeah I almost put some time into it and record a commentary but I was too shattered and wanted to get it uploaded haha. Deffo something I'll do another time though!