Friday 29 January 2016

Gaming Aplenty

So thought I'd update you all the games we've been enjoying over the last couple of weeks at the Gwent Reavers Tabletop Gaming Club. I'll hopefully get a post up soon about our first D&D session but for now, heres what we've been playing!

A few weeks ago Gav picked up a few games, one of them being Dixit Odyssey. I'd played the original version and this is much of the same, and just as enjoyable as the first version. More beautifully illustrated cards to try and describe in a vague way yet that people may guess right to earn you some points. Its a difficult one to master but such an easy premise, really works well for new and old players!

Gav also picked up Francis Drake, a resource gathering blind voting point grabbing extravaganza. The first turn of the game we played was hilarious as we had no idea what we were doing, but as we got through the rounds seeing people realise what they needed was fantastic. 

Its also a gorgeous looking game with some awesome components, little chests to keep gems in, the lovely map to roam around yet containing so much strategy I can't wait for another game. I was winning for most of it but kept saying I was gonna be last, everyone didn't believe me but when we added up the bonus points I did end up in last place! Four of us finished with just 10 or so points between 5th and 2nd place, while Gav actually managed to win on his first attempt at his own game, leading by around 20 points. Highly recomend this one! 

With Louis puffing on his vape we couldn't resist adding some mist to the high seas!

Speaking of Louis, he also brought up two of these polystyrene structures. Now what to build with them! Im thinking some sort of cathederal structure perhaps, but we'll see. Something large and epic is certainly to happen however.

Another new game for the club, this time purchased by Morg, is Spartacus, by Gale Force Nine, who also made a club favourite, Sons of Anarchy. This is very much in a similar vein as SOA, but with a lot more depth!

Theres plenty of scheming to be done with the intrigue card system, plus each player gets their own special rules with their player card. Trading and deals can be made before being stabbed in the back, much like in SOA, but where this game takes it to another level is in its advanced combat arena. 

Here warriors are thrust into the fighting pit, where combat comes down to a 'trump off' system. I don't mean in the bum windy way, but in having to beat values of the dice. Each fighter gets different stats and rules, all of which make a difference.  Its still quite simple but adds a nice element that Sons of Anarchy could do with.


Alliances have been made and broken already in just a few games that we have played, and its been a joy to watch every single time. Another game we highly recommend!

Finally myself and James had a game of Xwing, 100pts rebels derby match! I fancied taking an easy to use list where I didn't need to remember rules, so everything I took was PS 2 or lower. 2 B Wings, 2 Headhunters (which I still don't like) and 2 Awings (which I adore!). James took an Xwing with Biggs, a PS 3 Ewing and Han solo. 

I lost ships slowly as I slowly battered Han, eventually knock his shields off while losing two ships. It really felt like we were dealing clubbing blow after clubbing blow to each other, and it eventually came down to two ships. 

One B wing vs one X wing, James managing to dodge my shots and delivering the last of my hull points to the god of dead ships. He only had one hull point himself making this an incredibly close game and very enjoyable to play! Taking 6 ships was nice, although if I was take a similar list I'd drop the Headhunters, take another Awing and a couple of upgrades, fire control systems perhaps for the Bwings. 

So thats the last couple of weeks of gaming from us, we've got a few more games to get to play including an expansion for Dominion and Splendour to try, plus I think Spartacus wants to be played again. And if I get to try and gain revenge in Francis Drake I will be ready! 

So what have you guys been playing and would recommend? Leave your thoughts below!

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