Thursday 26 December 2013

The Imperator

The Emperor class titan, the Imperator, is a beast of a war machine. Its the largest titan the Imperium can muster, and stands around the 180ft mark. When I first saw this immense beast I thought it was the greatest thing ever. Of course, looking back now having a castle on legs doesn't look quite so appealing anymore. If I were able to get into Epic I'd prefer battle companies, masses of tanks etc instead of the Adeptus Titanicus machines. This is the cover of Titan Legions, from around 1994-95.

Looking back, its bulky caste-like form looks aged, but as always theres still charm. Anyone who knows me knows of my thing for assault cannons, and the Imperator has a similar looking weapon called the Hellstorm cannon. How can that not look good? I was always intrigued by how the Plasma Annihilator worked, with its card sheet and tokens to see how powerful you could make its shot with a roll ever turn.

Why its upper middle cannon is turned sideways a little for, I have no idea. It looks bloody odd though.

And then you see updated artwork of the Imperator and the appeal comes back. The Pax Macharius Walks, by Zach Graves aka columbussage on Deviantart is a stunning representation of an older model whose concept can still stand the test of time. I highly recommend going over to Zachs deviantart as he has some amazing artwork based on the 40k universe. 

If GW ever were to re-release Epic and bring a new updated version of the Imperator out, I can see its castle/cathedral-like features being toned down a lot, in favour of a more stronghold styled base bristling with guns on a pair of heavily armoured legs. I'd love to see a new Epic happening, and with a new found respect for titans a remodelling of these behemoths of war would be right up my alley.

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