Tuesday 31 December 2013

Chaos Heralds End of Year

2013 is coming to a close, and we now beckon in a new year. Theres a lot to look forward too aswell. Tyranids, Imperial Guard, new X-wing releases and a wealth of board/card games for me yet to discover. One thing that will be looked forward too howver, is Kill Team. 

You may remember a Chaos Skaven Marine I built up a few weeks ago, well I've finally done some more using a few Bestmen bits I had lying around too.

As you can see, on two models I've used Skaven torsos, these have mutated and it makes them look a little crooked and not quite right, which for me is Chaos! 

Plasma guns seem to be the weapon of choice in a Chaos Marine list, although I haven't decided whether I'll use the Chaos Codex or Space Marine Codex. 

The cape on the shoulder looks a little odd, but I can see this guy thinking he's quite cavalier and it kind of works. 

Tails/tentacles for legs? Why the hell not, its Chaos! This was a pure experiment that I didn't intend to use but he looked pretty rad so had to get painted up. 

And this is the unit so far! Six strong, I'll perhaps take it up a little and see what else inspires me with the bits I have. I'm really looking forward to using these in Kill Team and there seems to be some interested guys at the Reavers who are up for it too. Small model count means cheaper army, and if you did want to expand its easy enough to add some bits and built it up a little.

I've got a games night to report on where I got to try some awesome games involving City of Horrors, Cube Quest and Pandemic, that'll come soon along with a couple of 40k batreps. I've also got some X-wing to chat about too as I've picked up a starter set, with an extra X-wing and Tie Fighter. Can't wait to build up my Rebels for this! 

For now though have a good safe New Years Eve and an even better 2014!


  1. Hello biggest of Kevs

    Loving the space rats! Have you played any Kill Team yet? I've had a couple games already this year and love it :)

    As it's a new year I've started a new blog...


    1. How many blogs do you need? Greedy bugger ha. Is this as well as or instead of?

  2. This one replaces the others matey, and cheers doe the follow! :)

  3. I think you should'a stuck with combat doctrine, I liked that name! Silly Ieuan=P

  4. Ahh, yeah I kinda did aswell but I wanted this one to be more universal I guess. I want to start blogging about Dwadzone and the like :)

    Have you played kill team yet? It's rad!

    1. I thought Combat Doctrine was a decent name man, sounds like it covers all aspects of war! I'll be doing more X-wing soon, and hopefully if money allows more boardgames. Played some crackers and wanna go into it a bit more!

      And did have a go of Killteam, its nice and quick fair dues! Mate used my models to play, got taken down to one left but made his break test. Manages to kill one to take the opponent down to half his starting unit and he failed... jammy result but part of the fun!