Sunday 22 December 2013

Alien Infiltration: Tyranids

As we near Xmas we all know that the Tyranids are right around the corner with a bunch of new releases coming out for them. Some updates, some new models, its safe to say Nid players are a wee excited  To add to the hunger of the Hive Mind heres some very old school epic models. We could be seeing new reincarnations of the Haruspex and Dactylis, but thankfully the Dominatrix doesn't seem to be making a return. Not that a new version may be cool, but theres only so many big gribblies you want to go up against!

One thing that intrigues me is looking at rumoured release schedules, Nids are followed by Imperial Guard. Might this be a good time to release a Genestealer Cult list in a digital format? 

Stealers with swords! I doubt a release would happen unless some new models are released. I can't see GW releasing a new digital codex if theres no models to support it and its only supported by conversions. It would add an interesting twist to a Nid list, limited but extremely useful firepower would make Tyranids even more dangerous. 

I've got some more posts coming soon, some battle reports, and also some new additions to the hobby... Including two new card games and X-wing! But for now, I have to go as I feel a third arm about to burst through. LIMO!!!!!

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