Thursday 20 August 2015

Krohmus Guard Showcase

Despite my best efforts to post more regularly, I have failed...

But I am back with a vengeance! A new look, and also I've finally got around to using studio equipment to good effect and produced some much better quality pictures of some of my latest projects.

Here is my Captain/Chapter Master on the converted bike track unit. 


Heres a little Jump Pack Chaplain I kitbashed, Vanguard kit was used for most of this with a banner top and the spare head from the Reclusiam Command squad gifted to me ages ago by Bam. 

This is THE Chapter Master of the Krohmus Guard, Vincent Eniko. Burning Blade and Shield Eternal!

And finally a Captain/Vet Sergeant of sorts with a Jump Pack. I've enjoyed using assault marines lately and having a couple of characters to lead them has made a difference to their effectiveness. 

More photos coming soon, Assassins, couple of Chaos bits and my Millenium Falcon are all waiting to be posted!