Friday 21 August 2015

Assassins and GW/Warhammer Branding

So as promised, yet another post of models I've worked on over the last month, but also some news regarding Games Workshop. It would appear that Games Workshop stores across the world will become 'Warhammer' stores. Theres talk of pricing, and while it doesn't include the prices coming down, Rountree mentioned “be looking to offer a broader range of price points.” Thats certainly something a lot of hobbyists will welcome. 

I think its worth mentioned the rumours regarding the leaking images of the 30k plastic sprue. This has many people in excitement, as it could mean cheaper 30k armies and more plastics with which to get into the HH side of the game. The box set rumours itself sound really intriguing, a contemptor, tac squads, praetor, all being available int he box set. Apparently too it'll be a game in itself like Assassinorum and Space Hulk before it, boarding party was mentioned too so interesting side of 30k/40k could be shown. Perhaps the possibility to mix the space board with that of space hild and executionn force to create our own scenarios or even for 40k roleplaying? Anyways... onto the Assassins!
 First up is the Callidus, it took me a while to decide what colour to do her hair as its a big feature of the model and I'm happy with the choice. Her eyes I've left white, but these may get changed at some point... a model is rarely finished! Shes also great in game for doing some damage to a nearby infantry squad and taking a lot of attention off your main army.
 Next up the very strange Celexus. I've not used him in game yet but he seems a good prospect especially if your opponent is using a psyker. The model itself is quite a simple one until you get to the head, and I wonder if I should have done the head like the Eversors skull to make it stand out more. Perhaps I will in the future, its easier to paint bone than it is black!
 I'm quite proud with how the Eversor turned out, and its probably one of my better painted models! Another model I've yet to use in game, but I think if left unmolested he'd be an absolute beast in combat.
Finally is the most used Assassin for me, the Vindicare. Pretty versatile on the table, and perhaps one of the simple models of the execution force to paint too. Definitely recommend giving him a go in your games, he can sit out of the way and just take special weapons, characters and vehicles out leaving enemy squads easier for your own to take out. 

Next up I've got a couple of Chaos models intended for the clubs Chaos army (which will be a slow burner) and also my take on the Millenium Falcon.

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