Monday, 31 March 2014

Batreps: CVC Longest Night Visit!

So Friday night I noticed the Crow Valley Crusaders, a club based in Cwmbran and occasional visitors to our own Tredegar Reavers, were having one of their more famed events. The Longest Night. Plenty of dice rolling from 3pm on Saturday til 6pm Sunday. Oh yes! Myself and Alun went down with some 40k and managed to get a couple of good games in... and the pizza...

Heres some of the CVC lads playing Game of Thrones, Alun has this and it looks awesome, deffo need to play this soon! 

All hail pizza. What was that Byron? Order over £50 and its all half price? SWEET! 

Not sure what the best thing about the pizza was, that it lasted longer than Aluns Eldar, or that it was one tasty summa' bitch! 

Check these beauties out too, Alun wondered where the cape was from.... 

Then we were told they were ALL based on Calgar. So much money, but so much love! I love the look of these guys, just awesome conversion work! Even using one body they all look different, good lesson in posing there folks! 

Onto the first of two games... the first I played against Alun who was using Eldar. Wave Serpents, are dicks. With this in mind I wondered what the best way to shoot them down was. Then it hit me. Don't shoot em, Power Fist or Krak Grenade em! My list consisted of two full assault squads, two tactical squads, bikers with Khan, devs, TF cannon and a lascannon pred plus a dreadnought with multi melta in a drop pod. Of course, the Legion of the Damned appeared too... 

Both my assault squads jumped as far up as they could, and the scouting Rhino (its a vindicator, but I forgot rhinos so had to use him) dropping out its guys straight away, they were almost in the Eldar deployment zone in turn one. Most of my fire went on the dark reapers... not all, cause they died with some shooting left. I hate those guys, they're deadly! 

Alun retaliated but didn't do much damage due to night fighting, and I consolidated by assaulting a prism with one unit of assault marines, which they destroyed, the surviving forward tactical squad blew up a wave serpent, Khan split from the squad and also assaulted a serpent, his hammer of wrath alone blowing it up. I can see him wheelie-ing up and into the cockpit killing the driver then skidding back down as it explodes! the bikes fail to assault some fire dragons, and I lose a few to fire. The other assault squad gets stuck in combat for the next few turns with some Direavengers who prove difficult to shift. Dreadnought makes a 10" assault into another serpent and wrecks it, Farseer and warlocks exposed! 

The game ends in my fourth turn, and Aluns force is wiped out. I won 9-0 in the end, having gained first blood, kill the warlord and linebreaker along with the two objectives (Emperors Will). I don't think Alun expected a fast moving force and I caught the elfling offguard. Score!

The second game was a bit more important... on our last visit we got beat up on quite a bit, so we wanted to regain some club pride. 1500 points per player, doubles! So I had to team up against the person I'd just tabled... hmm! All of the enemies shooting pretty much got poured into my bikes. Khan and the attack bike survived, but thats it! Our shooting did little, couple of Chaos termies died and a few troops but not much. 

Mikes Fireraptor came on but luckily did little, and in reply my Adeptus Stormwing comes on, the Stormraven doing nothing but the one stormtalons assault cannons takes down the flyer. We both do some damage to each other, wave serpents take down more of the enemies troops, the thunderfire cannon slowing the enemy advance down and a couple of the contemptors are stunned, weakening them for later fire. 

Khan kills a plaguemarine champion before hit and running out and into combat with the Chaos Lord, and gets kill as he strikes the Chaos Lord down after I rolled a 6 and the player failed to save, instant death ya'll! He gets one VP, I get two due to Khans trait. Couple of eldar tanks succumb to enemy firepower, although they lose a few of their own along with a couple of the contemptors. My thunderhammer terminators assault the plaguemarines on the relic and are able to wipe them out, although it takes two turns to do so! Aluns Dire Avengers are able to take the objective and hold onto it. 

I believe the game finished 2-5 to us, we had the objective and 2 vps from the warlord kill, and the CVC guys had one for first blood and one for killing Khan. We had a hell of a laugh playing this, the Chaos players dice rolling for saves was incredible, and I had to shake his hand 12 times for rolling four 5's or 6's to save a unit being destroyed, impressive stuff! Hopefully we'll be able to visit the Crow Valley Crusaders more often, and vice versa.... we have some coming up tonight so I'm expecting more battling tonight! 

Also saturday we have International Tabletop Day coming up at the Reavers, cannot wait for this!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Negative Creeps.

I'm just gonna come out and say it. 

I'm getting pissed off at people who continually criticise Games Workshop.

Over the last 6-12 months more opinions are thrown around as to why Games Workshop are the devils.

"They make you buy loads to be powerful and make big games look good so you'll buy more!"

"Kill Team is terrible because its small scale!"

"Their pricing is terrible!" 

"Matt Ward!" 

"Because other people don't like them I have to fit in too!"

Scuse the last one, but thats how it feels quite often. 

Now then, lets clear one thing up. You can hate Games Workshop all you want, it doesn't mean I may hate you. But, if you keep typing about why GeeDub is the spawn of satan on the internet all the time chances are, I have no respect for you. Its all too easy for people slag other people or opinions off. I've recently been involved in a couple of threads where I've been chatting to people about the creative aspect of GW, for instance the Necromunda campaign I want to get going, and people seem like they have to comment negative things about Games Workshop. Why be so negative when others are being positive about the hobby? I don't hijack other peoples threads saying why certain other companies don't appeal to me, and there are a lot out there that are incredibly popular that I just don't 'get'. If people are enjoying talking about the games and hobby aspects they love who am I to preach otherwise? So why then do people insist on doing this to Games Workshop based subjects? 

Perhaps its easier for people to be negative about something they hate or dislike, than it is to be positive about the things we love. Perhaps they go both together, where to praise something, we must first knock something down thats competition. It could relate to human instinct, that its easier to lash out than it is to embrace, but surely, as an 'evolved species', we're beyond that now? Far from it, it would seem. But thats getting too deep, and I'm no expert on delving into the human mind. 

Theres argument that Games Workshop are targeted for being the biggest wargaming company in the world, and therefore open to criticism. Does that mean anyone who becomes successful should be questioned and laughed at? What happens when the companies you admire so much become more successful and start doing things you don't like? Will they become targets for insults also? 

The thing is, Games Workshop has been around for so many years and influenced so many generations, that people will be fans of certain eras. Therefore, certain editions of games, models etc will be loved by some and hated by others. The same goes for how the company runs also. When it first started, GW sold many different games. As they started making their own models they wrote their own rules, and gradually were able to sustain themselves on purely the games they themselves have produced. Shouldn't this be the target for all companies? 'Oh but they're money grabbing bastards'. Well, heres news for you. To be a successful business you have to make ways of grabbing the money. Without it, you can't grow or sustain what you do, its simple. Even I have questioned some of the decision making of GW in terms of pricing, but then I compare it to other companies and for myself, the higher price point comes with a better quality of model.Obviously the aesthetics of a model can always be questioned, but arguing over opinion is the most wasteful consumption of time two people can have. Who cares what we like and don't like? Enjoy what you like and matter not what others do. 

The other thing that irritates me about people slagging off GW, is the fact a lot of them may never have even heard of wargaming had it not been for a Games Workshop store. There still isn't enough gaming shops in towns, and its a shame. I'd love for there to be some sort of store nearby to go play, buy models etc, but the fact of the matter is, we're in a niche hobby. Not being in the mainstream means getting new people involved in what we love doing can be difficult. So when someone walks past a GW store and see the models and tables inside, intrigue perks up. This is how many of us got into the hobby, its our first taste of wargaming and opens up a whole new world of hobby goodness. 

 See my main problem is that I've become so passionate about this hobby. almost 20 years ago I was introduced to this world, and after having around 15 years away I found a group of people nearby and have been firmly embedded into the hobby since. Everytime someone takes a jab at the aspects of the hobby I love, I feel like they're being personal. Someone in the hobby who is highly respected recently brought this up too, and likened it to religion, and he's right. We've all been the subject to someone who is passionate about their beliefs and preach to us why we should feel the same, well thanks, but no thanks. But they keep trying, on and on. And thats where it gets truly annoying. Why spend so much time preaching to other people about the negatives of what they believe in when you don't give them reasons to believe in your own passions?

I'm sorry if this has seemed like an inane ramble, but if you're a regular reader you'll be use to this by now. I'm sure you can all relate to this, even if you don't like the GW side of the hobby. What would you rather listen too or read...

"This game I've got into is amazing, theres some cool background, minis aren't too expensive but look pretty cool and its fun to play".


"Play this instead, GW games are shit, expensive and the rules are crap. Its all about the latest models that are always overpowered and then something else comes out that beats that in a couple of months so why bother."

Which honestly sounds more appealing? Theres probably a lot of points I've forgotten to mention, but I think this will do for now. I've seen a lot of hypocrisy where people have said things to slag off GW then use things from those worlds to benefit themselves to get a few more likes and attention over social media.

I'll tell you why I love Warhammer 40k.

Its tactical, while people see new units come out being overpowered my brain enjoys the challange of finding a counter to new threats, and despite whatever outcome on the table, whether its a win, loss or draw, I always learn something new.

The background is just out-fucking-standing. It competes with Star Wars in terms of depth, I mean how many scifi worlds can match that? Star Trek is probably up there I'm sure, but little else comes near to how many stories are told in that one universe, and what that means is its incredibly immersive. Not only do I enjoy reading about things that have happened in these worlds, but I love creating new stories through games. Little events in games isn't just 'this space marine rolled a six on overwatch'... its 'Brother Radimax quickly swung around while reloading his heavy bolter as a genestealer bolted towards him. Ditching the heavy weapon he quickly unholstered his boltgun leaving the genestealer with a gaping hole in its cranium.' I just love coming up with little stories for things that happen in games, and with such a rich background its not difficult to then be inspired from these to create stories for more games.

The models. This is where personal opinion comes in, but the quality of the plastics is amazing. I absolutely love cutting bits up and changing things, and the GW plastics are probably the best for this purpose. If you don't like the armies in the GW universe, then thats fine. Not everyone will be pleased by what a company can produce and thats true in so many mediums like films, music, videogames etc, Personally, I love the look and feel of the worlds and cannot ask for more.

The social aspect. I've met some awesome people since getting back into wargaming, and the laughs and tears we've shared are incountable. From amazing comebacks and close fought draws to getting thrashed or having insane random dice moments, they've always been entertaining. When I joined the Tredegar Reavers, I didn't just meet some fellow gamers, I met some new friends. This, is what the hobby should be about.

Its simple ladies and gents. Show passion for the things in the hobby you love, not disdain or hate for what other hobbyists enjoy no matter your opinion.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Death By Die: Beyond the Die

Well, its been a little quiet on the blog front which means in life, its been a busy old time. Photoshoot last weekend, editing images since along with trying to get some other things in order hasn't left that much free time lately for the hobby, and when I have had free time, its been on things I can relax a little more with, like wrestling or films etc. This however gave me an idea. Death By Die is primarily a gaming blog. Its where I post about all things dice related, usually battle reports, gaming news, projects etc. The thing is, I'm not JUST a wargamer. I'm a wrestling nerd, I love my Toronto Raptors, and I do occasionally play video games and watch films. This is why looking forward, Death By Die will be a much more all encompassing blog where you will hear about how I rolled five ones (again), but also where I recommend films and videogames, and even talk about the world of wrestling.

Early memories of wrestling include a snake chomping on the arm of the Macho Man, Undertaker scaring the shit out of kids (and some adults) in the audience, Shawn Michaels superkicking Marty Jannetty through a window and Roddy Piper owning whoever he talked to. Theres a lot happening at the moment in the wrestling world and I have a need to chat about some of it. Take not of the picture... Bray Wyatt, is the man.Wrestlemania is getting incredibly interesting, Daniel Bryan, Brock Vs Taker... it could be a classic!

At the Tredegar Reavers we're excited to be holding an event to honour International Table Top Day! April the 5th isn't far away so our levels of excitement are rising. If anyone lives nearby feel free to come, theres no price for admission and you can get playing some great games with like minded people! If you'd like to know more, just click here!

Watched both Elysium and Star Trek: Into Darkness in the last week, and both were really solid enjoyable films. Star Trek again surprised me. The first I didn't expect to like, but had a good time watching it and the same is true with the second. Zachery Quinto makes an exceptional Mr Spock. If anything is proven by these great scifi films, its that we need a 40k film NOW. 

Elsewhere I've avoided the Imperial Knights (for now) and got myself one of these.

It may get used as part of a small Imperial Guard (you might ask who in a couple of months) but its main use will be a graffiti'ed up water cannon variant for my Necromunda themed campaign I'll be running at club. I've had so many ideas that I can't wait to get this started. The idea is it will knock people over but not do much damage, its all about crowd (gang) control! It should bring some interesting elements into the Necromunda rules, which will be adapted a little so current 40k players can slide in a little easier and not feel too overwhelemed with rules changes. 

I may also soon post about a certain type of people thats been incredibly annoying in the gaming world. GW haters. 

I can understand a little about how GW handle their business, but thats what it is at the end of the day, a business. People saying £85 for an Imperial Knight is laughable. I've seen a couple of people say this yet they've spent over £300 on a Warhound Titan from FW. I mean come on like. Yes I know the Warhound is better in game terms, but that Knight model is so full of detail considering the size its a good price. Its getting to the point where people seem to be hating GW just because its the cool thing to do. I just wish instead of slagging off something about the hobby I love that they'd go spend time showing off parts of the hobby THEY love. Anyways, I'll save this topic for another time. 

Anyways its now time to tune out. I've got the WWE Network to plunder, curry to cook, and Los Santos to rule.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Apocalypse Batrep,30k Eldar vs Space Marines

Well here she is, I've not posted for over a week or so as I've been busy and had this monstrosity to get ready for posting! About a week and a half ago, we at the Tredegar Reavers had one of our much loved amongst members all day events. Huw put on a game of No Quarter which I will post about soon, Huws finding some time to get some things written up about the game played by him, Louis and Mike. As soon as I get the text I'll knock the post out with some pictures. As for the rest of us, which was myself, Jordan, Bam, Alun and Andrew, we organised a nice chunky game of Apocalypse. 15k per side, 30k in total. You may have remembered a while ago I painted up a Realm of Battle board for the club, well I've now painted a second to match which meant we had this to put scenary and armies on, I was rather proud of myself! 

Anyway, onto the game. Alun and Andrew controlled an Eldar and Dark Eldar combination, Wave Serpents, Raiders, Ravagers and a handful of flyers took to battle. With them, was a Revenant Titan. This beastie worried us a little as we had no superheavies of our own, but we did have some D-weapon capability in the form of a Predator Assassin Squadron, IF they survived. The Imperial allies consisted of Krohmus Guard, Bam with Imperial Fists (yet to be painted!) and Jordan with his Company of Space Wolves. One warning before we start, I've gone into storytelling mode. Look out!

The numbers of the Eldar seemed far too few to worry about, but it looked as though they were about to mount an attack. Thornarim, the Krohmus Guard Scout Sergeant carefully observed the yellow wraithboned transports of the Eldar as they hovered delicately into view. The Squat had fought Eldar before, and crushed a few of their heads in with his own fists after his position had been attacked by armoured Aspect Warriors in green armour. 'Fast buggers, but land a punch on them and they go down like anything' Thornarim thought to himself. He heard a new noise come into the area, similar to the grav-engines of the Eldar but whinier, more painful sounding the Demiurg thought. Into view came a slim skimmer, with a pointed hull with small sails on and filled with Eldar in much more spikier armour than he had ever seen the pointy eared Xenos wear before. Thornarim spoke into his comms... 'Lads, you seeing this?' Scout Harkin replied 'Dark Eldar, it seems the Eldar numbers could be greater than we thought Sergeant'. Thornarim felt his hand stroke the barrel of his sniper rifle and smiled to himself. 'Soon you'll be giving those pointy eared bastards holes in the heads' he said to himself, but for now his orders were strictly observation. 

After a few minutes, the Dark Eldar skimmer shot off to the west and the Eldar started mobilising to a new position. Even with these new allies they'd be hard pressed to break the Adeptus thought Thornarim. Not only were the Krohmus Guard here, but the company of Ragnar Blackmane of the Space Wolves was present along with Captain Danarth Lysander and a force of Imperial Fists too. Suddenly his comms went off. 'Sergeant Thornarim, this is Eniko. What news for me friend?' 'Well, its not just the Eldar we got, its their darker brothers too. All bastards though' said the stunted sergeant. 'Librarian Shiori said he's picking up psychic interference, he and the other librarians are trying to sense whats happening but Brother Lysander mentioned webway portals, so be aware' the Chapter Master announced. 'If they're attacking they have a surprise or three planned, we'll need you and your squads sniper rifles back at base. Disperse and return.'  'Aye' Thornarim replied and then passed the orders onto his unit. Just as he was about to turn and make his way back to the command centre he felt something wasn't right. He turned again and saw that there was one Eldar transport still hovered in the small clearing. Several Eldar in ornate armour and strange looking helms all gathered in a semi-circle. As he zoomed in he could see the air bristling in front of them, as if a storm was coming. suddenly lighting came from nowhere and the area in front of the psykers cackled and a chill wind picked up. The electricity picked up until the air was torn, a portal into which Thornarim could see the warp space circling around inside it. It grew from the size of a dreadnought into something a good dozen of the Eldar skimmers could fit through at once. Thornarim flicked his comms back on. 'Vincent, seems the Librarians were right. They're making a huge tear in reality, this isn't good'. 'Thornarim, are there forces coming out?' Negative, noth.... Wait a second... Oh shit. Its something big. Must be 60ft at least... Thin body with a gun on each arm, doesn't look friendly' the Squat reported. 'Titan. Scout class by the sound of it. Thornarim, get back to base. Your unit will be needed. With haste brother' Eniko ordered. 'Aye, hasty be right!' Thornarim said as he left his spot.

Brother Ithala ordered his Predator squadron into place. It had been joined by an Imperial Fists predator, all fitted in the Annihilater pattern and it seemed to make sense to keep them together to concentrate firepower on the heaviest enemy armour. Orders mentioned that a scout class titan could be part of the Eldar force, and Ithala knew the combination of 15 lascannons in his squadron would help deal some damage. Movement could be seen across the more open ground and Eldar forces could be seen across the way. Yellow vehicles hovered into view, along with Dark Eldar skimmers to the right flank. Then the Titan hovered into view. Above the ruins of what had been an Imperial town was the immense Eldar construct, and even Ithala felt a sense of ugency to destroy the fearsome yet graceful looking thing. Ithala had heard of these before, and instantly relayed his knowledge to the other tanks in his squadron. 'Those weapons are Pulsars, long ranged and absolutely lethal. Aim for the head with everything you've got when it comes into range!' ordered Ithala. Suddenly the guns on the Eldar Titan glowed a pale blue. In the central ground between the amassed armies energy fizzled and two webway portals ripped open real space and more Dark Eldar skimmers flew out. The comms went crazy with reports of Dark Eldar units appearing behind Imperial lines, skimmers, female warriors scantily clad with all manner of combat weapons, Eldar with bodies mutilated and large mechanical beasts hovering in the air trying to snap the defenders in half with huge claws. Ithala's attention was squarely on the Titan. The predators all turned to bring the Titan to their fore. As they did, Ithala saw a drop pod ram into the ground near the Titan. The Pulsars lit up and tore the Predator behind Ithala up causing a massive explosion. In literally seconds it had turned to absolute chaos. Another two shots from the other Pulsar blew up a Krohmus Guard Land Raider, Ithala angrily shouting 'AVENGE OUR BROTHERS, AIM FOR THE HEAD!' He saw the Titan's left Pulsar fall as its shoulder socket disintegrated, melta shots coming from the Sternguard who had drop podded in crippling its firepower. The Predator to his right opened up, but the shot flew past the titan, the image flickering slightly. 'Holofields, aim to the left!' he yelled as the Imperial Fists predator shot the lascannons smashed into the other shoulder, making the Titan stagger back. Ithala pulled the trigger on his own lascannons and unleashed three energy beams into the Titans head.

There was a horrendous shriek and the Revenants head exploded, the huge machine collapsing towards the Imperial line. Eldar flyers swarmed in over the explosion and missiles spun from the craft into the bikes that were zooming forward. Most of the Krohmus Guard bikes were smashed apart but the Fists bikes continued on, joining with the Krohmus attack bike that had survived the blasts and rearing around a ruin towards two smaller Dark Eldar skimmers. Vincent Eniko, Chapter Master of the Krohmus Guard, looked through the holograph screen in his Land raider 'The Colossus'. 'This is bridge Captain Raforno, coordinates my Lord?' 'Concentrate on the grav tanks heading towards the base, we need them slowed down so more fire can be brought to bear' ordered Eniko. Yes my Lord' answered Raforno, and within seconds a large explosion could be heard even within the confines of the Colossus. As the mighty machine sped around the now banking Imperial Fists bikes Eniko saw something he hadn't expected. Guardsmen. All bore inquisitorial badges, was a Radical Inquisitor working with the Eldar? 'Ready to disembark, we assault these heretics!' Vincent roared as the engines of the Colossus echoed its Chapter Masters' thoughts and stormed straight towards the Guardsmen. As the assault ramp lowered, the small yet wide figure of Koll bounded forward as Vincent Eniko, Chaplain Gyozo and his Honour Guard followed. They were superhumans, but even they struggled to keep up with a Chainaxe carrying Squat. 

Eniko suddenly thought about the day he first met the demiurg warrior. When the Krohmus Guard had rescued the small clan of Squats from a Chaos invasion one of the Squats had turned traitor, and Koll was the brother of the heretic. Kolls brother, Ufnaud, had become unstable and fled the invisible world on one of the ancient ships that the Demiurg once used to cargo materials from their mines to other clans for trading. He had somehow come into contact with the  Chaos Lord Balekith, who had wanted to claim the cloaking technology the Squats had used to remain unknown for his own evil deeds. Koll had been sickened by his brothers actions, and had renounced his family name, swearing that he will kill his brother or die trying. After the battle, Koll had shaven his hair off leaving a mohawk, apparantly copying tales of great ancestors and legends. When the Krohmus Guard had taken the Squat survivors to Mars, a handful had decided to stay with the Adeptus Astartes to not only serve with them on the battlebarges and with the Techmarines but to also fight alongside the Space Marines. Eniko thought of Thornarim, whose keen aim had killed scores of Xenos and Traitors. Koll was even deadlier, but his forte' was in combat. The Chapter Master was adept in combat, but after he had seen Koll slaughter 8 Bezerkers with little effort, he knew the stuntied fellow was a supreme combat monster.

 Before the Honour Guard and Eniko could put blade to flesh, Koll had already decapitated 3 Guardsmen and dismembered two more. The unit were wiped out in just a few seconds. Eniko and the Honour Guard pressed themselves against the building the Guardsmen had been next too, and could see the battle in the centre of the lines was brutal. A Krohmus Guard Vindicator was blown up as a stormraven flew overheard, guns blazing away taking down Dark Eldar flyers with ease. It had seemed the orbital blast hadn't taken many of the skimmers down, as there were still almost a dozen flying towards the northwest most corver of the base. As he looked up, he saw what he thought were ghosts, and Koll leapt over his and with a grim whisper claimed, 'mine'. Eniko ordered his honour guard back into the Colossus, they would head towards the middle ground and hunt for more clues as to the Guardsmen and the Inquisitorial badges they had. As they turned the corner Eniko saw something that was fearsome yet welcoming. A cold blueish glow appeared from nowehere and twenty Legionaires of the Damned appeared, guns firing into buildings nearby with human screams being heard even over the gunfire of the battle. Vincent had seen these warriors before, and always had they been on the side of the Kromus Guard. 'The Emperor gives us strength my Lord' said Chaplain Gyozo.

Koll leapt up the ruins onto the second floor of the building, firing off a shot from his grav pistol sending one of the Eldar Rangers falling. Three fired their sniper rifles at him but he was too fast, even for the Eldar. He chopped the arms off one as it still aimed its rifle, with his chainaxe tearing two more in half. 'Your race is dead, you do not belong here' a ghostly voice said. 'All dead? Then your eyes are lying, come make sure we're all dead you bastard' shouted Koll. The sound of energy fizzing into life came from behind, and Koll spun to block a strike that most Marines would have lost their head too. Koll stood face to face with another Ranger, but one whose appearence suggested more veteran and bestowed than a simple Eldar scout. 'Our Farseers saw your races death years ago, the Great Devourer consumed you.' Aye, but they didn't like the taste of me, like old boots I am.' Koll retorted, swinging his axe around wounding the Xenos Scouts arm with a huge gash. The Eldar whinced in pain as it brought its sword up, desperate to land a blow on Koll. The Demiurg blocked easily, but another Ranger had hit him across the back of the neck with its rifle. As he turned his chainaxe bit deep into its waist, chopping the Ranger into half. The talkative Eldar however managed to jab its power sword towards Kolls head. Koll felt the heat of the blade slice his side and spun towards the Eldar, quickly grabbing his arm and pulled him over his head and over the edge of the platform they were fighting on. The Ranger managed to avoid falling by deftly grabbing a girder and swinging himself to safety. The Eldar Ranger was battered but had escaped the Squat. Koll glanced at his wound and almost smiled at it. Leaping across a gap in the ruins he saw the spectral Legion of the Damned fighting with Dark Eldar, smashing armoured warriors with ease he could see the Archon had dispatched one of the ghostly warriors but was now retreating back. 'Mine' Koll said.

Thornarim took aim, and the last Wych fell from the raider as the driver pulled away. Reloading his sniper rifle he turned around to see scout Torstein fire a krak missile at another raider, missing the vehicle but hitting a Dark Eldar warrior off and exploding as missile and xenos hit the ground.  Another Raider was hit by a Demolisher shell, and the occupants, more wyches, flew from its chassis and crashed into the groud. Four were killed from the crash but the rest leapt up eager to fight, and started to dance their way up the wall of the base towards Thornarim's squad. Three more Wyches fell as the scouts fired rounds but two still came, one opened the throat of scout Phanius before being knocked to the ground by scout Torstein but another spilt blood. Pirouetting between two of the Scouts she flipped over another, all three of the young Krohmus Guard having their heads taken from their shoulders. This Wych meant busines, and headed straight for Thornarim. As the old Squat took aim he fired a round which hit the female xenos in the hip, she took the shot and spun around, planting one of her blades in the neck of Thornarim. Torstein came at the Wych from behind, and she struck him in the stomach with a wickedly spiked heel. He clutched at her ankle, and swung her off the platform where she landed on her neck, the breaking bones being heard over the noise of battle. Torstein and scout brother Aryx ran towards Thornarim, who was slumped against the wall of the platform. 'Apply pressure quick, you'll be fine sergeant I swear it!' shouted Torstein in a panic. 'Of course I'll be fine' the stricken Squat said. 'A pain in the neck won't kill you.....' and Thornarims eyes closed. 

Chapter Master Eniko was recieving reports from all over the battlefield. Ragnar Blackmane and a group of the young Blood Claws had battled Dark Eldar that were mutilated and supported by strange clawed hovering mechanical beasts, the rest of his Great Company held the western flank against a sea of Dark Eldar Jetbikes. Lysander had intercepted a Seer Council and a vicious combat was being fought between the two sides nether side being able to clutch the initiative. Eldar were mounting towards to the gate of the base and had to be stopped. Even though the base was open from above, the gate held the controls to the base and could be sabotaged. Eniko would rather see the gate destroyed than it held by the cunning Xenos. Thornarim had been struck down, but his squad had defended not just the old Squat but their part of the wall, testament to the teachings of Enikos short friend. The Imperial air support had been superb. Xenos flyers had been taken down systematically and the Stormravens and Stormtalons of the Krohmus Guard and Imperial Fists now poured fire into the ground based Eldar units, working their way back to the gate of the base to defend the vital point. 

The Colossus was about to pull away until more heat readings were picked up by its sensors. 'What is it?' questioned Eniko. 'More Eldar, coming in from behind' replied Chaplain Gyozo, 'Koll will have to deal with them my Lord, we have targets in front.' Eniko looked and in front of the Colossus was a Venom skimmer. Onboard he could see the veterans of the Dark Eldar, the Incubi and knew they were deadly opponents. 'Ready to arms my brothers...' and suddenly Eniko paused. 'Back to Koll, he needs our support!' 'But my Lord, the Archon and his retinue?' They're being handled Orneus, the Emperor watches, and fights with us.' Orneus looked at the holograph screen and could see that the Legion of the Damned had joined combat with the Archon and his retinue. Two of the warriors vanished from blows by the Archon but the rest took out the Incubi. The Archon fled, knowing fear for the first time in his life most likely thought Eniko as the strange warriors of the Damned butchered his fellow Xenos. The Archon sprinted back, and met up with the Eldar reinforcments. Howling Banshees, with an Exarch, met the Archon and readied themselves to serve death. The Archon, now supported by more Eldar gained confidence and strode forward with the armoured women and headed towards Kolls position. The Colossus sped forward, the assault ramp once more thundering down to the ground where Chapter Master Eniko, Orneus Gyozo and the honour guard spilled out into the Archon and the Banshees. 'Man, Woman, all pointy eared bastards!!!' screamed Koll as jumped from the first floor of the building, chainaxe spinning flicking blood off its small teeth as the Squat targeted the Exarch. Eniko aimed for the Archon, the Xenos commander having the same idea. 

The Honour Guard fought against the Banshees, and gained the upperhand as they killed three with well aimed blows. The Aspect Warriors were fast but just couldn't cut through the armour of the Krohmus Guards finest. Koll swung maniacally at the Eldar, whose lithe frame danced around the strokes as if taunting the Squat. His eyes keened and stopped swinging the chainaxe, the Banshee immediately struck and Koll sidestepped the darting power sword and headbutted the Banshee, her mask cracked and fell off revealing her face. 'Pretty lass, too bad you're dead' announced Koll as the chainaxe met the side of her cranium, splattering flesh and gore everywhere. The Archon yelled and the remaining Banshees fled with the Dark Eldar leader. Eniko looked around and saw that the Eldar had been eradicated from the gate, although the gate itself had collapsed under the gratuitous firepower the Imperial allies had thrown at it. Koll approached, a satisfied smile visible under the blood covering the Squats face and giant mohawk. 'Any left laddy?' 'I'm awaiting reports Koll. Thornarims been injured, bad too by the sounds of it. We'll get back to the Colossus and head to base. Honour Guard Gormedes shouted 'Lord, the Legion has just disappeared, bodies of dead Guardsmen where they stood!' Eniko, Koll, Gyozo and the rest of the Honour Guard turned the corner to see the devastation the Legion of the Damned had caused. Over thirty bodies were strewn in a small space between some ruins, the greying ash turned red from the blood, and more bodies lay elsewhere. 'My Lord, if this is the work of our beloved Emperor then he doesn't mean to give mercy to those who once served him'. Eniko paused for a second then turned around. 'And neither do we. Those who turn their backs to Chaos or Xenos are our enemy, and our wrath is their end.' 'Aye, kill all the bastards I will' said Koll smugly. 

'Lord Blackmane, how do you fare?' asked Eniko into his comms. 'Bloodied, but the enemy is broken. Fun fight too.' the Space Wolf replied. Eniko couldn't see Koll but knew he was smiling, the Squat had got on well with the Space Wolves, although they, as most Imperial authorities often felt at first contact with Koll, was that some 'mutant or deviant' should not be allowed part of the Adeptus Astartes. Eniko knew the situation could be problematic, but did the Imperial Guard not employ Ratlings and Ogryns? If they fight for the Emperor then why should they not fight beside us? The Adeptus Mechanicas had opened their mechancal arms when Kyrann Locke, Master of the Forge of the Krohmus Guard, had informed them that Squats were with the fleet and heading to Mars to share knowledge of ancient tech with them. The Krohmus Guard had already benefitted from the Demiurg in this sense. Gravguns, once thought to be incredibly difficult to manufacture, were created in a much easier method by Squat 'Smiths'. It still took time and many days to create the weapons, but it was progress. Something, Eniko thought, he saw little of these days in the Imperium. 'We'll be back at base shortly Lord Blackmane' said Vincent. 'Captain Lysander, how do you fare?' The comms remained silent....

'The Xenos Commander slipped away' Lysander replied a few moments later. 'One moment the Hammer of Dorn was about to cave his skull in, the next, he vanished. We slaughtered his retinue however, now making way to base. Seems the enemy are routed Lord Eniko' Lysander spoke. 'It would appear so, we will rendezvous with Lord Blackmane in 20 minutes and assess the damage. I hear repairs are needed to the gate.' 'What gate?' Lysander replied dryly. 

As the Colossus rumbled steadily towards the base, Eniko reviewed the damage. Parts of the Eldar Titan were still visible, although all smoked from the explosion that tore it up. Where the gate once stood, came into view. Eldar vehicles, belonging to both Craftworld and their darker kin, were demolished around the walls of the base. Some of the skimmers had simply floated above the battlements and dropped their cargo off, but the base was now secure. The Land Raider slowly opened its ramp, and the passengers disembarked from the Colossus. Battle scars surrounded the ramparts, but the only traces of xenos were burnt remains and dead bodies. 'What news on Thornarim and his Scouts?' Eniko asked the Command Squad. Apothecary Floxeus was about to answer but was interrupted. 'I'll be fine' said a raspy voice. Eniko glanced over and saw Thornarim limping towards him, a bloodied mess but still standing. 'I was almost worried Thorny, didn't think a poncy Eldar could cut that deep through Squat skin though' Koll beamed as he took Thornarim in his arms and hugged him. Thornarim looked at his blood spattered friend, 'I see you've been doing the damage Koll' Thornarim replied, Kolls smile widening in response. 

Chapter Master Eniko looked around as they Imperial forces had defended the base. The Eldar were a cunning race however, 'one minute they fight us, the next they aide us. Then we join in battle again' Eniko thought as he looked at several dead Eldar bodies. Fight with or against them, they were never to be trusted. Lysanders Stormraven flew overhead as Ragnar and his retinue of Blood Claws entered the base. Marines from differing Chapters embraced, Eniko felt pride beaming from his body as brothers not just from his Krohmus Gaurd, but first founding Chapters embraced his warriors as equals. His Chapter was young, but they were certainly not inexperienced, and having the respect of Heroes of such magnitude as Lysander and Ragnar Blackmane made Eniko proud to be an Astartes and fight alongside the distinguished Chapters. He had no doubt they would fight alongside each other many more times too, the battle was won, but war, is eternal.

And there we go folks! If you read all of that then I highly appreciate it and will reward you with not having to go through that again for a good while! As always playing a big Apocalypse game was a great spectacle, and its always motivational to get your armies painted. As some of the players had new armies, this just wasn't possible but it still looked pretty good and I think it will spur people on to get things prepared for when we have another epic battle. 

I'm no tentirely sure of the score, but it didn't clearly represent how much carnage had taken place on the table. The Imperium held most of the objetives but only because we had gone second and were able to take the Eldar allies off a couple of the objectives at the end and claim them for ourselves. Bloody pointy ears! I hope you enjoyed the post, even if it was just the pictures. Hopefully I'll have a No Quarter post soon along with some other projects I'm working on. But for now, go rest your eyes and listen to some soothing music... or go roll some dice and kill some Xenos!