Friday 14 March 2014

Death By Die: Beyond the Die

Well, its been a little quiet on the blog front which means in life, its been a busy old time. Photoshoot last weekend, editing images since along with trying to get some other things in order hasn't left that much free time lately for the hobby, and when I have had free time, its been on things I can relax a little more with, like wrestling or films etc. This however gave me an idea. Death By Die is primarily a gaming blog. Its where I post about all things dice related, usually battle reports, gaming news, projects etc. The thing is, I'm not JUST a wargamer. I'm a wrestling nerd, I love my Toronto Raptors, and I do occasionally play video games and watch films. This is why looking forward, Death By Die will be a much more all encompassing blog where you will hear about how I rolled five ones (again), but also where I recommend films and videogames, and even talk about the world of wrestling.

Early memories of wrestling include a snake chomping on the arm of the Macho Man, Undertaker scaring the shit out of kids (and some adults) in the audience, Shawn Michaels superkicking Marty Jannetty through a window and Roddy Piper owning whoever he talked to. Theres a lot happening at the moment in the wrestling world and I have a need to chat about some of it. Take not of the picture... Bray Wyatt, is the man.Wrestlemania is getting incredibly interesting, Daniel Bryan, Brock Vs Taker... it could be a classic!

At the Tredegar Reavers we're excited to be holding an event to honour International Table Top Day! April the 5th isn't far away so our levels of excitement are rising. If anyone lives nearby feel free to come, theres no price for admission and you can get playing some great games with like minded people! If you'd like to know more, just click here!

Watched both Elysium and Star Trek: Into Darkness in the last week, and both were really solid enjoyable films. Star Trek again surprised me. The first I didn't expect to like, but had a good time watching it and the same is true with the second. Zachery Quinto makes an exceptional Mr Spock. If anything is proven by these great scifi films, its that we need a 40k film NOW. 

Elsewhere I've avoided the Imperial Knights (for now) and got myself one of these.

It may get used as part of a small Imperial Guard (you might ask who in a couple of months) but its main use will be a graffiti'ed up water cannon variant for my Necromunda themed campaign I'll be running at club. I've had so many ideas that I can't wait to get this started. The idea is it will knock people over but not do much damage, its all about crowd (gang) control! It should bring some interesting elements into the Necromunda rules, which will be adapted a little so current 40k players can slide in a little easier and not feel too overwhelemed with rules changes. 

I may also soon post about a certain type of people thats been incredibly annoying in the gaming world. GW haters. 

I can understand a little about how GW handle their business, but thats what it is at the end of the day, a business. People saying £85 for an Imperial Knight is laughable. I've seen a couple of people say this yet they've spent over £300 on a Warhound Titan from FW. I mean come on like. Yes I know the Warhound is better in game terms, but that Knight model is so full of detail considering the size its a good price. Its getting to the point where people seem to be hating GW just because its the cool thing to do. I just wish instead of slagging off something about the hobby I love that they'd go spend time showing off parts of the hobby THEY love. Anyways, I'll save this topic for another time. 

Anyways its now time to tune out. I've got the WWE Network to plunder, curry to cook, and Los Santos to rule.

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