Sunday 16 March 2014

Negative Creeps.

I'm just gonna come out and say it. 

I'm getting pissed off at people who continually criticise Games Workshop.

Over the last 6-12 months more opinions are thrown around as to why Games Workshop are the devils.

"They make you buy loads to be powerful and make big games look good so you'll buy more!"

"Kill Team is terrible because its small scale!"

"Their pricing is terrible!" 

"Matt Ward!" 

"Because other people don't like them I have to fit in too!"

Scuse the last one, but thats how it feels quite often. 

Now then, lets clear one thing up. You can hate Games Workshop all you want, it doesn't mean I may hate you. But, if you keep typing about why GeeDub is the spawn of satan on the internet all the time chances are, I have no respect for you. Its all too easy for people slag other people or opinions off. I've recently been involved in a couple of threads where I've been chatting to people about the creative aspect of GW, for instance the Necromunda campaign I want to get going, and people seem like they have to comment negative things about Games Workshop. Why be so negative when others are being positive about the hobby? I don't hijack other peoples threads saying why certain other companies don't appeal to me, and there are a lot out there that are incredibly popular that I just don't 'get'. If people are enjoying talking about the games and hobby aspects they love who am I to preach otherwise? So why then do people insist on doing this to Games Workshop based subjects? 

Perhaps its easier for people to be negative about something they hate or dislike, than it is to be positive about the things we love. Perhaps they go both together, where to praise something, we must first knock something down thats competition. It could relate to human instinct, that its easier to lash out than it is to embrace, but surely, as an 'evolved species', we're beyond that now? Far from it, it would seem. But thats getting too deep, and I'm no expert on delving into the human mind. 

Theres argument that Games Workshop are targeted for being the biggest wargaming company in the world, and therefore open to criticism. Does that mean anyone who becomes successful should be questioned and laughed at? What happens when the companies you admire so much become more successful and start doing things you don't like? Will they become targets for insults also? 

The thing is, Games Workshop has been around for so many years and influenced so many generations, that people will be fans of certain eras. Therefore, certain editions of games, models etc will be loved by some and hated by others. The same goes for how the company runs also. When it first started, GW sold many different games. As they started making their own models they wrote their own rules, and gradually were able to sustain themselves on purely the games they themselves have produced. Shouldn't this be the target for all companies? 'Oh but they're money grabbing bastards'. Well, heres news for you. To be a successful business you have to make ways of grabbing the money. Without it, you can't grow or sustain what you do, its simple. Even I have questioned some of the decision making of GW in terms of pricing, but then I compare it to other companies and for myself, the higher price point comes with a better quality of model.Obviously the aesthetics of a model can always be questioned, but arguing over opinion is the most wasteful consumption of time two people can have. Who cares what we like and don't like? Enjoy what you like and matter not what others do. 

The other thing that irritates me about people slagging off GW, is the fact a lot of them may never have even heard of wargaming had it not been for a Games Workshop store. There still isn't enough gaming shops in towns, and its a shame. I'd love for there to be some sort of store nearby to go play, buy models etc, but the fact of the matter is, we're in a niche hobby. Not being in the mainstream means getting new people involved in what we love doing can be difficult. So when someone walks past a GW store and see the models and tables inside, intrigue perks up. This is how many of us got into the hobby, its our first taste of wargaming and opens up a whole new world of hobby goodness. 

 See my main problem is that I've become so passionate about this hobby. almost 20 years ago I was introduced to this world, and after having around 15 years away I found a group of people nearby and have been firmly embedded into the hobby since. Everytime someone takes a jab at the aspects of the hobby I love, I feel like they're being personal. Someone in the hobby who is highly respected recently brought this up too, and likened it to religion, and he's right. We've all been the subject to someone who is passionate about their beliefs and preach to us why we should feel the same, well thanks, but no thanks. But they keep trying, on and on. And thats where it gets truly annoying. Why spend so much time preaching to other people about the negatives of what they believe in when you don't give them reasons to believe in your own passions?

I'm sorry if this has seemed like an inane ramble, but if you're a regular reader you'll be use to this by now. I'm sure you can all relate to this, even if you don't like the GW side of the hobby. What would you rather listen too or read...

"This game I've got into is amazing, theres some cool background, minis aren't too expensive but look pretty cool and its fun to play".


"Play this instead, GW games are shit, expensive and the rules are crap. Its all about the latest models that are always overpowered and then something else comes out that beats that in a couple of months so why bother."

Which honestly sounds more appealing? Theres probably a lot of points I've forgotten to mention, but I think this will do for now. I've seen a lot of hypocrisy where people have said things to slag off GW then use things from those worlds to benefit themselves to get a few more likes and attention over social media.

I'll tell you why I love Warhammer 40k.

Its tactical, while people see new units come out being overpowered my brain enjoys the challange of finding a counter to new threats, and despite whatever outcome on the table, whether its a win, loss or draw, I always learn something new.

The background is just out-fucking-standing. It competes with Star Wars in terms of depth, I mean how many scifi worlds can match that? Star Trek is probably up there I'm sure, but little else comes near to how many stories are told in that one universe, and what that means is its incredibly immersive. Not only do I enjoy reading about things that have happened in these worlds, but I love creating new stories through games. Little events in games isn't just 'this space marine rolled a six on overwatch'... its 'Brother Radimax quickly swung around while reloading his heavy bolter as a genestealer bolted towards him. Ditching the heavy weapon he quickly unholstered his boltgun leaving the genestealer with a gaping hole in its cranium.' I just love coming up with little stories for things that happen in games, and with such a rich background its not difficult to then be inspired from these to create stories for more games.

The models. This is where personal opinion comes in, but the quality of the plastics is amazing. I absolutely love cutting bits up and changing things, and the GW plastics are probably the best for this purpose. If you don't like the armies in the GW universe, then thats fine. Not everyone will be pleased by what a company can produce and thats true in so many mediums like films, music, videogames etc, Personally, I love the look and feel of the worlds and cannot ask for more.

The social aspect. I've met some awesome people since getting back into wargaming, and the laughs and tears we've shared are incountable. From amazing comebacks and close fought draws to getting thrashed or having insane random dice moments, they've always been entertaining. When I joined the Tredegar Reavers, I didn't just meet some fellow gamers, I met some new friends. This, is what the hobby should be about.

Its simple ladies and gents. Show passion for the things in the hobby you love, not disdain or hate for what other hobbyists enjoy no matter your opinion.


  1. I wanna buy you a pint :)

    1. Much appreciated man! Chilled cherry coke please=]

  2. I really agree with you Kev

    People used to complain they wanted stuff released quickly, now they've got it they complain things are released too quickly.

    I want more chaos stuff! Oh but not that awesome Hellbrute or Crimson Slaughter supplement.

    I personally like mantic as a company, I know others don't but I don't tell them they shouldn't be into Malifaux or Flames of War!

    Play the games you like, collect the models you like and have fun doing it, just don't put a downer on others doing something like don't :-)

  3. An excellent, well-written piece. I said sonething similar (but far less eloquently) on Top Gear's Facebook page last night. If you don't like something that's fine but why then attack those who do?

  4. This was excellent to read and I agree with what you are saying. There seems to be too many vocal people on the internet that feel they have to say their piece about the evil that is Games Workshop. Without GW I would not have the friends I have or the passion that this hobby has nurtured in me.