Friday 3 October 2014

Rebel Aces: DBD Thoughts

And the Rebel forces rejoice, the Rebel Aces are released! I got mine on Wednesday, but have yet to game with them. Regardless, I thought I'd take a couple of pictures and have a look at the options...

These ships have a much more cleaner look than the previous versions, fitting really when they're sort of prototype versions. Will I repaint them? Likely, but I may do them differently to the rest of my Rebel forces. 

Obviously I don't have to go into their movement dials, as they're both exactly the same. The B-wing is ok across short distances but has a nice beefiness to it, the A-wing much more manoeuvrable. Its the pilot and upgrade cards however that make these pair incredibly tempting.

I'll start with Nera Dantels in her PS 5 B-wing first. Being able to fire outside of her normal arc with the bomb like symbol is pretty vicious. Fly her straight up and past the ties and just fire some proton torpedoes. This takes the pressue off losing a ship before you use the proton torpedoes, I'll be intrigued using her! 

Keyan Farlander has a great ability too, which means if you're stressed you get to use that stress token like a focus token when attacking. That means if you target lock after perhaps pushing the limit, you can get a really good attack out. I think this guy will see a lot of use especially with an autoblaster.

Gemmer Sojans ability isn't so noticeable at first, but I can see her becoming a very useful pilot to have. Get her in amongst the enemy and she'll become pretty tought with an extra agility for being within range 1 of an enemy ship. Not the greatest of abilities, but something that will really annoy the enemy and cause him to need to deal with her.

It has to be said I love boosting. I think its because for so long I couldn't. I tried a list recently where I gave the boost addition to the Falcon and an Xwing, then had the one card for the E-wing where if you target lock someone you can boost. Well heres another booster, this time on Jake Farrell, where if you perform or are assigned a focus token, you can boost OR barrell roll. I really like this ability as it can help you dodge some of the enemy firepower the Imperials can now bring to bear. BOOST!!!!

Cards wise, Chardon Refits are a great way of bring the price down of your A-wings, as long as you don't use the missiles. A-wing test pilot is something I'm looking forward to seeing how people use, being able to take two Medal Cards is insane, its free too! Proton Rockets could be a useful tool too, as its 1 firepower, but you add your agility to it. Those A-wings are 3, so you'll get 4 firepower each time. B-wings can now take an upgrade that allows them to add a crew card, enhanced scopes makes your pilot skill '0' in the activation phase letting you move first and shoot second which I see a lot of potential for. 

There are also two new crew cards who will look familiar from their HWK flying days, Kyle Katarn, who lets you take a stress away then recieve a focus (mixed with Farlander this could be insane as you'll get a focus like attack after spending a stress, then get a focus for defending). Jan Ors lets you assign an evade token to a ship at range 1-3 instead of them focussing, which could help keep a vital ship alive that you need.

All in all a great little package, I had this for £17 posted and can't complain one bit! I now have 3 A-wings and 2 B-wings, so can see myself trying a list using all of them at some time. Have you discovered any great combos using the new cards yet? Perhaps with the two medal card ability? Let me know!

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