Monday 17 February 2014

Cyber Slayer WIP. 'S' Word Mentioned...

Those pesky Tyranids, wiping out all those rugged Squats. As you know, I've always had a wee thing for the Space Dwarfs, and I'd made a ratling sniper into a Squat version of Telion to use in my force. I've even included fluff as to how this squat came into being with my Chapter, after an unknown planet being raided by Chaos Marines was spotted although was not known by records or by sensors and that the Squats there had built a cloaking device to hide them from sensors from unwanted attention. One of their kind had betrayed them, and they were beset by Chaos forces. Saved from a terrible fate, the Squats, and their knowledge of technology, were taken to Mars to share their knowledge with the Adeptus Mechanicus. Several of these however wished to fight with the Krohmus Guard, hence why I have an old Squat sniper leading my scouts in battle with his keen eye. 

Well, its time to welcome another of these into the fold. Its time to introduce, the Cyber Slayer.

This is only a work in progress, but he's built and undercoated ready for a few licks of paint. I've given him boots from an old Catachan Jungle Fighter, a Grav-pistol to help convey the idea that the Squats have a decent grasp of technology, and a Chainaxe from an old Khorne Bezerker I had lying around. The spikey bits on the axe have been trimmed off, and I'll possibly paint some checks on the now flat panels. You may also note he now has grenades hanging in his beard, the axes that were there would have looked a little too fantasy. The grenades were a pain in the arse to get in place and I'm still not happy with the one but with my giant beast paws its as good as I can get it. His history and name have not been decided upon yet, but I'll see what I can come up with. Stats wise, I'm thinking of using Space Marine Captain stats, maybe with the Teeth of Terra. We'll see anyways! More progress posts in the week

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