Monday 18 March 2013

For the Newer Greater Good (pics)

And so the Greater Good return. Flyers, new kits, and the model thats getting everyone talking... . the Riptide.

I've grouped together all the pics I've found so far, and I'll share my thoughts on them.

So the two flyer variants. Not sure really how I feel about these, they carry the aesthetics of the piranha while the curvyness remids me a little of the spitfire and other such aeroplanes of that era. Rumours have it that the bomber drops plasma bombs on the enemy while the other takes on enemy flyers. Interesting, but not a must buy so far. 

Pathfinders however, ARE a must. A new kit has ten in a box, with some drones including a larger one. This means that the maximum of eight in the previous codex has been changed, and fingers crossed, you no longer have to take a devilfish for them. I shall be saving for these!

The broadside looks good, and if rumours are true then it can be upgraded with skyfire, which makes them a much more attractive prospect.  It'll be nice to see which other options they have too. The crisis suits themselves don't look too different, but now come in a box of three. I'm pretty sure this works out cheaper than before. Can you believe this? Its only a saving of £1.50 but its a saving!

A new Commander Farsight model, this has a great look to it and he looks a little larger than the normal crisis suit. 

Ah the Riptide. This huge beast looks, quite honestly, amazing. Gameplay wise it sounds exciting, and I just love how big this thing is, it towers over everything in the on picture! £50 isn't cheap, but hopefully it'll be a nice enough model to warrant this price. I really want to see how it looks next to a GK Dreadknight. 

Needless to say this is my other essential purchase. My aim is to get the pathfinders, riptide and codex on release. This should make my force around the 1500pt mark and mean I can get some good games underway. Onwards to release date for the Greater Good!

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