Thursday 12 July 2012

Talking about Tactics.

(image from Games Workshop)

So I've been thinking about some tactics recently... More specifically, Sternguard. I hink the special ammunition is a great option for them... but something else appeals to me more. Stormbolters. Why? 

2 shots and assault. Every time. A lot of people prefer the special ammo, or even combo-ing their guns with meltas, flamers etc. Boltguns are great, but they're rapid fire which means you can assault afterwards. Combi weapons are good, but a bit pricey when added up and they're all one shot per game. Stormbolters?

10 sterguard with 9 stormbolters and a power weapon... 19 shots, 3's to hit 4's to wound againts other marines. Probably kill about 3-4 marines going by probability. Then? Assault. 3 attacks each, plus four for the sarge who has a power weapon and bolt pistol... he'll kill one at least, plus with the 27 attacks you'll be hitting about 18, and wounding 9. If the enemy has a 3+ save they'll lose another 3 to those attacks plus the one from the sarge. Thats about 8 models in a ten man tactical squad dead. What I wanna try? Land Raider Crusader. Add the Hurricane Bolters to the above AND the assault cannon and you've got an enormous amount of anti infantry firepower. I've had boltguns take out bloodthirsters through sheer weight of firepower and this is similar in those terms. The problem? Costly! But I do love the idea of Stormbolter fire shredding enemies to bits and then assaulting whatevers left straight after! Imagine sticking a chaplain with these guys too to get the re-rolls to hit? Omnomnom!

Recently in a game we realised that you can no longer arrive from reserve and assault in the same turn. Is this good or bad? I think, its perhaps a good thing. Instead of keeping your units off the board and then counter attacking with a brutal assault you need to be more tactical by having them on from the start. This can be easy or difficult depending on transports, terrain etc. Towards the tail end of 5th edition I used Khan a few times and turned up in an outflank move and assaulted, well this can no longer be done! I now have to be more careful as to how I use him and his bikers, advance under cover? Park them up and let the enemy come? Well, not nessecarily.

Bikers now get Hammer of Wrath, which gives each of them an extra attack on the charge at initiative 10. The other good thing with 6th edition rules is the 'jink' ability. This gives all bikers who have moved, a 5+ cover save. This is extremely useful and when moving up the flank makes them almost as hard as Terminators. That can move 12" a turn. I think bikers are a much better unit now despite the restriction on asaualting from reserve. I never did get to try using Khan outflanking, escorted by a Storm Talon and then assaulting the survivors. Ho hum! 

I'm considering converting up a Librarian soon too, or even going for the Librarian in Terminator armour model. I've never used a psyker before so with the new rules it should provide an interesting lesson or twelve. 

In other news, I did some video editing! While exporting however my pc shut itself off. Turns out I need a bigger power pack to handle the exporting... so pennies need to be saved to get this upraded! Hopefully it won't take too long but money is a wee tight so we shall see. 

What tactics do you guys and gals like to use or what are you looking forward to trying?

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