Saturday 8 May 2021

Saturday Salvo! EC Daemon Prince and Update

 Welcome for a wee update!

I've not been as active on here as I'd have liked, but I have created an instagram page for another to follow whats going on. Death By Die on Instagram so give me a follow on there! You can also find Bamz Boyz on there too, my regular orky opponent who is also working on a nice looking Space Marine force. Expect more from us in the future!

 Currently I've slowly been getting backstory for D&D together, specifically the town Yartar from the Forbidden Realms. My party are currently on their way there so I need to know a little about it and what they'll find.

I've also been working on a Daemon Prince... 

Kitbashed from Sigvald and the wings of a large Crypt Ghoul he needs some more painting but he's getting there, looking forward to getting a force done!

This week has been Warhammer Fest week, theres been some great announcements and a mystery one coming later today, which may have already been announced by the time you read this. I feel some Old World will be shown off or Khan for Horus Heresy, but we shall see!

Among the highlights from WarhammerFest week for me were Gaunts Ghosts, this is what an Imperial Guard infantry box should look like, not a quick extra sprue to try and modernise an old old box. That was disappointing.
OH. MY. GOD. Well, a God at least. Kragnos, damn.
Sisters will soon be able to take a High Lord of Terra on the battlefield. I will be snapping one up, she looks amazing.
One of the funniest moments was seeing  a plastic Thunderhawk getting announced. For Aeronautica! It looks really good and it could be tempting to pick some models up as I love the more epic scale and they work size wise with Titanicus apparently.

Well, Zodgrod Wurtsnagga is back. And he looks pretty danm good! I'm really liking the Beastsnagga aesthetic and could be intrigued in yet another project to have lying around... feel my pain?

 Whats been your highlights from this weeks announcements and what are you all working on?

I'm hoping to get some bits finished soon to take some good pictures and get some more updates on here but til then, follow me and Bam on Instagram for more up to date hobbying!



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