Thursday 31 March 2016

All Dayer Board Gamingasm

Last Sunday we, the Gwent Reavers, got together for an easter banquet of gaming. First of all... CODENAMES!

This game has a Minesweep/Battleship/Dixit feel to it. Yes thats three games, but this combines them perfectly with an almost Resistence theme of spies and agents. Each team has a spymaster, and they they have to direct his team mates to select the right cards, laid out 5x5, and the correct agents. Each card has one word on it, and the Spymaster may only say one word along with a number of guesses. The reason for that, is that if you can tie in more than one card with just one single clue, you can get more cards found. The first to 8/9 wins the game. However... if you select a card thats either the opposite teams or a 'bystander', you lose your turn and it passes to the other team. Find the assassin, and you lose. Outright. 

As you can see above, the Spymasters share the same card which tells you where the correct cards are. The game tests friendships and knowledge of peoples interest, especially in the more vague of clues! We played several rounds and it went down pretty well, a worthy game!

I picked up Evoultion a couple of weeks back and its another game that people have enjoyed. 

Each player is given a species, in itself shows you your population and body mass. Population helps earn you points at the end and the amount of food you can collect (another source of points), while body mass can defend against any species that goes carnivore. 

Theres a bunch of card upgrades to help evolve your species and give you skills from being able to collect more food or to help defend against those meat eaters. Its a lovely looking game too, being bright and vibrant.

The Resistence also got some play, and I got to be this courageous lass! Not a spy. No, never. Always good I am!

Also a few weeks ago, Morg picked up Skull. 

A little like Liars/Pirate dice but with lovely looking beermats, three of whic are illustrated with flowers, one with a skull! Each player puts cards down and then one can challenge to show over  cards upto a certain number, all must be flowers and you have to start from your own pile. You get some outrageous bluffs and guesses but its another game thats proven to be great fun, upto 6 players too!

As expected the classic Ticket To Ride got a playthrough, and Mike picked up a win. Despite its simplicity this is one of those games we love going back to swearing at friends for blocking routes then cackling maniaclly when we do it tot hem. 

While not on the same day, (although some Xwing was played I'll dedicate that to its own post) Bam, Sturdy and Louis did play some Warmachine two weeks back, Bams been interested and seems to be really enjoying. Anything that makes him even almost raise half a smile is worth it!

So some Xwing posts to come, I'll be participating in the Welsh Regionals in Cardiff so plenty of practice games coming for that! We're also looking for more games to be recommended so please share the games you love!

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