Monday 19 May 2014

Help For Heroes Charity 40k Tournament

 This past Saturday, a gathering was held to compete in a charity tournament to help raise money for Help for Heroes. Organised by Andrew Wells and the Mid Wales Wargaming Society, 16 participants too part in a Warhammer 40,000 tournament with some interesting limitations. 
600 points per player, 1 troops mandatory, 2 HQ, 4 Troop, 2 Elite, 2 Fast Attack and just one Heavy Spupport slots were available. No 2+ armour or invulnerable saves, no more than 2 wounds on a model either.

Set in St Marys church hall in Builth Wells, our battlegrounds were laid out ready. 

Before the tournament started, some videos were shown and a brief chat about the charity were held. A great cause and only fuelled us to enjoy the day more. 

My first game was against a great guy called Chris and his all Jetbike army. A hugely enjoyable game and incredibly close up until the final moments, when I just couldn't get any good dice rolls! Great guy to play against, had a heck of a laugh and really enjoyed playing against his list even though it was the one I was concerned about the most.

Good to see the players being incredibly thoughtful about their tactics!

Byron's Preatorians decline advancing in favour of standing and shooting. 

This is Tris. I have no idea what was going on here! Tris did well on the day, his Tau doing pretty good but I'll keep the final positions til later.

So Alun, the elfling, took Eldar. Surprise surprise!

Adam, the Gale. One of the events sponsers and general nice bloke. Apart from when he starts crackings out. Then its 'TAKE HIM AWAY!!!'

With 16 competitors and some onlookers there was a great atmosphere at the venue. People were competitive, yet incredibly friendly too and it suited the day.

My second game against Malcom's Eldar went horribly. I'm trying to forget this one! 

Alun took on Byron and his feared Wyverns, and was able to get the better of them.

At the tournement, a best army vote was held at lunchtime, and here are the armies. 

Those pesky Crow Vally boys and their welcoming thumbs up!

My third game, against another lovely bloke called Lee, who I shall forever remember as 'Teaboy'. Had a crackingly close game game against his Grey Knights losing 1-0, more bad dice rolls but again, so bloody close! 

Andrew inspecting players are behaving, his naughty corner was the most feared aspect of the tourney.

Not Adams Apple, a MANS APPLE!

Chris being told his army is about to be wiped out.

Tris looks awfully smug here, another opponent about to be pulverised by pulse rifles no doubt!

Please feel free to add your own captions! 

Alun winning a tshirt, by being the right size. His pose is so professional, admire the elf doing what he does best.

Byron also winning a tshirt by being the correct size, and then winning a dice-off against two others to take it home. I think he needs some tips from Alun when it comes to posing!

'I HAD A FRIEND CALLED LEE, AND HE MAAADE, ALL THE TEA!' Most annoying voice award!

Shaun looking please after passing wind, and winning best army award!

Best potential army award went to this Timelord called Sam.

Narrowingly beating me for the Wooden Spoon award is Chris, going for the Statue of Liberty look I think. 

And behold the top three! Alun finished 3rd, Tris to the right finished second, and Chris finished first with his Jetbike army! All worthy winners, and I'm a tad proud of Alun for representing the club!  Shown below is the final table.

In all a great day, even though I finished winless three of those games were incredibly close and could have gone either way, with all my opponents being great fun to play against and hopefully we'll have some rematches in the future. For me this was a fitting end to 6th edition, as 7th is right around the corner. So how much was raised? 

Andrew Wells, the organiser, wrote this yesterday "Drum roll please, we have managed to raise an impressive £143.07 in aid of Help for Heroes, I would also like to thank everybody that turned up today and made today such a success and would hope to see you all for next years."

So a great amount of money raised, and just from rolling dice and having a good time! Thanks must go to the tea and coffee ladies that kept many of the players fuelled over the day, Adam Gale and Paul Simpson who sponsered the event, the Mid Wales Wargaming Society and in particular, Andrew Wells for making it all happen. Lets see what next year brings as Andrew has said this will become and annual event! 

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