Saturday 26 April 2014

Warhammer World and Battle Brothers

So today, I got the chance to go to Warhammer World with some of the Crow Valley Crusader lads, namely Byron, Shaun, Chris... And Mike. Bah Mike! He's never seen the Animated Transformers film, what a dork! Anyways, enough with why I want to beat him into a pulp, about today!

We got to Warhammer World unable to book a table due to an event. We took some minis up anyways just in case but to be honest, even without playing we had a pretty good time. The following images follow the day roughly, from the always must see trip upstairs in the miniature hall to bugmans bar for food and then I got the chance to chat and take some pictures of the Battle Brothers event. More on this later!

Its apparant that I'm either a Space Marine or an short Ogryn. I'm about the same height as this fellow and just as dangerous... although I need sleep a hell of a lot more!

Quality Jib Capture no.1

I was never a fan of these outrider bikes until I saw this amazing army today. They look so much better in person and I wouldn't mind getting one for a chapter master conversion... thing is you can only get three and its £45! Ouch. I love those attack bike conversions too. The chap who had this army was a great guy to chat too, he was telling me how the Battle Brothers events are always a good time and that he and his team mate had just lost against an Eldar/Dark Eldar coalition. 

And I think he meant these. I'm pretty sure just before I'd gone back into the gaming hall I chatted to this team, as they said they'd just won a close-ish game with Eldar and Dark Eldar. Stunning armies too, look really effective and I like the ying yang effect and backwards role. The Dark Eldar are the lighter colour and the Craftworld are much darker. Stunning armies! 


These Tau were really nice too, unmusual colour scheme and this picture doesn't do them justice!

Game of Thrones references are always good by me, especially when Hodor is mentioned. HODOR!

This was incredibly. A Necron monolith made to look like a sand castle. I don't know what to think! In one way its just too bezerk... but in another way its genius!

Quality Jib capture no. 2

I'm not even sure... 

These were also stunning, some amazing freehand work on these!

When a Titan needs its big bro....

Quality Jib Capture no.3

So today was a great day, I got some bits ordered for Bam and Alun from Forge World and the lads bought plenty themselves. I'm keeping my money back as I'm looking to start an Imperial Guard/Astra Militarum army. I've got a Banewolf almost finished and five more Cadians to do, and I've also sorted out a trade with a nice bloke swapping my Tau for some Guard bits, including the new Dex' and some other goodies. Looking forward to adding more to it! We're hoping that the next time we go to Warhammer World it'll be a joint trip with the Tredegar Reavers and the Crow Valley Crusaders, and have some nice chunky games. I also really want to organise a huge tank battle, will have to see how viable that is! 

One of the things for me though was seeing just how nice everyone was in the Battle Brothers event, and its made me really wanna have a go! Also playing against fully painted armies would be amazing, there were some stunning forces up there and to see them on the other side of the table would be a treat. Perhaps next year!

If you're in any of the images above or your models are, just leave a comment and a link if you wanna pinch it!


  1. Thanks for posting these photos. They are great. Good to see for those who couldn't attend. Man that deff dread is great!

    1. No problem man, hopefully one day I'll be taking pictures while playing. Looks a lot of fun!

  2. I've just randomly stumbled on this blog and have seen that you have caught me in my 'thinking' post in this image:

    I'm the guy in the white tshirt. I'm really glad you took a photo of the eldar army because that farseer looked amazing, I only wish i had taken a close up photo of it.

    ps. you should certainly come to the next tournament, it is amazing.

    1. Ah cool man! How did you do there? I'll deffo be doing one next year all going well, just looks like good fun and the chance to play loads of 40k, never a bad thing! Is there a hotel nearby within walking distance? I'll have to start looking at details and plan I think=]

  3. Good to see a pic of my Thunderwolves getting stuck into the guard :D

    1. Ah I think I chatted a little with you, nice looking army you had fair dues! How did the weekend go for you after?

  4. Just by accident I stumbled across this post. I am responsible for the sandcastle monolith.
    I'm glad you liked/ were confused enough by it to take a picture :)