Friday 22 November 2013

Rats and Bolt Pistols.

So far, my hobbying in 40k has been all Space Marines and Tau. Well the other day, I fancied cutting some plastic up and making something more... well grotty and dirty. So this, is what I came up with
Yep, we've got a Chaos Skaven Marine! Although the obvious direction would be Nurgle, I'll be keeping undivided as worshipping one God doesn't interest me. Will this be the start of something bigger? Quite possibly, as I've got some ideas for other units. I've always fancied doing some beastmen based Chaos Marines too, so a feral wild warband could be due. Rat Ogre Obliterators come to mind and making weapons is always good fun, plus it'll make me learn how to use green stuff a lot more too. 

At some point on the weekend I'll have a larger post coming with a small game of X-wing to report on, and some recent purchases. Cheers for reading and any thoughts please share=]


  1. Haha I really like it mate! Love the fact that with chaos you can practically do what you like, nice and grimy effect you have there too.

    Now let's see a whole squad!

  2. Ha we'll see man, I've picked up a couple of pieces I may try get painted over the weekend, and my Chapter Master needs finishing too. But I Will probably get a squad of 5-8 done to see how they look together!